Data Security & Compliance

Rhythm Systems is committed to providing a safe, secure software experience for our clients.

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All passwords are saved in an encrypted database. We require between 8-255 characters.


Users are invited to set up accounts by Rhythm Systems administrators or internal administrators.

Data Storage:

Our client data is stored on servers in the Amazon Web Services cloud. Those servers
use anti-virus and anti-malware software and are managed by Amazon, not Rhythm
Systems. All client information is stored in an encrypted database (SQL). We use the latest https:// and database encryption.

We back up the data daily and can recover it as needed.

We retain all client data for as long as they remain a client; any historical data in the client's account can be accessed by that client at any point in time.

Security & Compliance:

All Rhythm Systems staff are trained annually on data security and privacy practices in
compliance with GDPR recommendations.

Workstation Security:

  • Our employee workstations are MacOS latest versions through automatic
  • All are password protected with a minimum of 8 characters
  • Admins can enable 2-factor authentication
  • All are set to enable locking of workstations on start-up and after system sleep
  • All storage is encrypted on all workstations

For information on our Public Code Dependencies, see this page.