Determining Winning Moves

Winning Moves are part of your longer-term strategy and should work to double your revenue in the next 3-5 years.

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Why Winning Moves Matter

You cannot grow your business by cutting costs. It is important to have clear Winning Moves for Revenue in order to better focus your team on growth.

Winning Moves are your company’s leading indicator for future revenue growth and financial health. Conversely, lack of Winning Moves is the leading indicator that you will hit the growth ceiling and stall. You cannot cut costs to get growth.

How to Add Winning Moves

  1. In the Execution menu, choose Winning Moves.
  2. Hit the + in the top right of the screen.
  3. Give your Winning Move a name that clearly communicates the idea to the team.
    Need help writing a clear, actionable goal name? Click on the Rhythm AI Coach icon to generate suggestions. Clicking it again will generate even more possibilities to help you easily write a Winning Move.
  4. Set Red-Yellow-Green success criteria. Clarify and align around the specific outcome for this Winning Move.
  5. Set a Start and End Date.
  6. Establish one clear Owner to ensure someone is accountable for this Winning Move.
  7. Set the right Type:
    1. Grow Revenue - Specific strategies designed to double your revenue in 3-5 years
    2. Grow Profit - Strategic capabilities and infrastructure you must develop to support growth
  8. Set the right Stage:
    1. Winning Move - Specific strategies that are part of your 3-5 year plan
    2. Idea Bench - Later, other Moves are more important or you're still validating assumptions
    3. Achieved - Completed Moves
    4. Dead - Stop, losing Move
  9. You can rank your Winning Move on Revenue Impact and your Ability to Execute. Here's an example of a scale; feel free to use your own, just be sure to agree on what the scores mean.
    Winning Move Rating Chart
  10. Hit Save or Save and Link Parent if this Winning Move supports another Winning Move in another team.

Working on Winning Moves

Before you invest a lot of time and resources into your Winning Move ideas, you should validate them. Identify the assumptions leading you to believe the Revenue Impact and Ability to Execute rankings are accurate. Have the team document up to 5 assumptions they are making on each idea, then allow time to use data and experience to test those assumptions. This process aids to develop Winning Moves based on facts instead of emotion.

  1. Click the name of your Winning Move to open the detail screen
  2. Choose the Assumptions tab
  3. Hit + to add your Assumptions (and you can include optional information like how you will measure the assumption, data you've collected, and your notes and insights)
  4. You can status your Assumption based on whether it is proving true as you test it
  5. You can also comment on Assumptions to work on them with your team

Tip: You can status your Winning Moves as often as you'd like. We recommend that the owner of each Winning Move update the status prior to your Annual Planning sessions. You may want to update the status more regularly if you are working on that Winning Move and have a breakthrough or hit a roadblock.