Setting Red-Yellow-Green Success Criteria

Clarify expectations by documenting success and failure for each of your goals at the beginning of each quarter.

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How to Set Red-Yellow-Green Success Criteria

Begin with the End in Mind by documenting what constitutes success and failure for each of your goals. When you are building your plan at the beginning of each quarter, define the following for each goal:

  • Red = Failure or unacceptable result
  • Yellow =  Between Red and Green
  • Green = Successful outcome
  • SuperGreen = Stretch Goal

    Setting success criteria will help you make each of your goals SMART:

    • Specific
    • Measurable
    • Achievable
    • Results-focused
    • Time-bound


    • Use numbers for KPIs
    • Describe the successful outcome in a tactical way for Priorities
    • Keep it short and clear
    • Be realistic within the timeframe
    • Avoid using dates or % complete
    • Agree in planning so everyone is aligned

    If you are stuck on Success Criteria, our AI Business Coach can help. Click the icon for suggestions; if you're not happy  with them, click to reset and get a fresh set of suggestions:



    Note: You can set Red-Yellow-Green criteria for the Quarter and for the Year in the same goal, and you can choose which set of success criteria you will be using to update status in the Additional Details for the goal.