Updating Status on Goals

Easily update all your goals from your Home screen each week.

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How to Update Status

Once you have entered your Priorities and KPIs in Rhythm, you will need to update them weekly. The day before your weekly meeting with your team, log in to Rhythm and you'll see your goals on your Home screen.

  1. Click on the goal to open the side panel slide out.
  2. Check the box next to the correct status color for the week. You should have clearly defined Red-Yellow-Green success criteria, and you should status based on whether you're on track to hit your Green goal by the end of the quarter.
  3. You can enter your Projected, Actual, and Variance for the week if you are tracking a number.
  4. Leave a Comment to let your team know the story behind your status. If you status Red or Yellow, include your plan to get back on track in your Comment. You can click on Notify Users to add or remove followers of Comment notifications.
  5. Hit Save and Next to update the next item in your list. Follow this process until you've updated all of your goals for the week.

Note: You will not be able to choose a color for goals that are "system calculated" meaning you've set the goal to auto calculate status. You will also not be able to add Projected, Actual, Variance values for goals set to roll up or auto-calculate. 


How to Add Multiple Projected, Actual, Variance Values



If you are setting up your quarter and want to add Projected values for multiple weeks, you can click the Goal name to open the Summary screen. Choose the edit pencil and tab through the weeks to add values for each week of the quarter.