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Coaching & Consulting

Build growth plans and high-performing teams with strategic planning facilitators

Integrate your long-term plan down to individual employee work with our proven planning framework and an expert strategic planning facilitator.

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Group (5)Performance Workshops

Build a high-performing organization to accelerate growth

Invest in your organization by addressing weak points and driving the right performance habits with workshops and coaching. Our professional strategic planning facilitators will help you with:
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Employee Performance
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KPIs & Goal Setting
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Strategy Topics
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Annual/Quarter Plan Review
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Introduction to Rhythm Methodology
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The biggest benefit to working with Rhythm is total employee ownership. It's an incredible empowerment tool.

Julie Copeland, CEO, Arbill

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MountainStrategic Planning Sessions

Build out a breakthrough actionable strategy with an expert strategic planning facilitator

Create a clear, winning strategic plan your company can execute with an expert facilitator near you. We’ll help you:
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Build your long term strategy, BHAG & 3-5 year goals
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Create a Brand Promise to help you grow faster
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Discover your core values and purpose
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Rank and activate the most impactful revenue generating initiatives
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Develop winning annual plans and targets
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Break down annual plans into execution-ready quarterly plans
We didn't initially think we could take two days out of the year to do an annual planning session. And now we realize it's just something we can't do without. And having a facilitator help us with those meetings makes all the difference.

K.C. Walsh, CEO, Simms Fishing

KnowledgeCEO Coaching

Let us help drive your leadership game

1:1 program providing individual coaching support for CEOs or executives. We will help you:
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Drive revenue initiatives, integrate acquisitions, scale operations, improve customer retention and build accountable leaders and teams
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Develop the skills you need as a CEO or Executive to take your business to the next level
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Work on all 4 pillars of your business: strategy, people, execution and finance
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Rely on your expert coach to provide a sounding board and accountability
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Rhythm enables us to connect our 10-year strategy all the way
down to our weekly execution.

Todd Cunningham, SVP Talent, AvidXchange

The world has changed, and your old school way of leading your strategic planning session may not work anymore.

Your business needs to adapt.

You need a transformative, fresh plan that builds the future that you imagined for your business. You need solid strategies that all your teams actually believe in and can execute.

But that’s impossible if you're spending the entire planning session juggling group dynamics, materials, notes, conversations, and employee engagement throughout the entire planning session.

Your job is to participate in the discussion. Your job is to use your industry and business knowledge to lead your teams to winning plans.

You can only do your job well if you hand over facilitation to an expert strategic facilitator near you.

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You know the goals you want your business to achieve. 
The problem is the how.


You are spending too much time prepping to facilitate the session instead of preparing yourself to have robust strategic discussions


Inexperienced facilitators run out of time with an incomplete plan and getting the team back together with all their crazy schedules is next to impossible


You don’t know the right questions to ask to draw out new perspectives & get to the root of problems


You avoid having difficult conversations from the fear of creating conflict

How Rhythm Systems coaching is different

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Build actionable growth plans that keep your team focused and accountable week after week.

As former CEOs and executive leaders, every single Rhythm facilitator knows what it’s like to be in your shoes.

We understand the challenges of running an organization filled with passionate, opinionated people and how difficult it is to get everyone on the same page. We’ve experienced many of the pitfalls that keep you from achieving your goals—and we're here to help you avoid them.

Avoid the mistakes so many CEOs before you have made. Get your teams on the right track and keep them there. Let an expert Rhythm facilitator structure a customized planning session to help you achieve your own breakthroughs!

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Extensive experience building actionable, high-growth plans

Our consultants have facilitated over 3,000 sessions and helped build 10,000+ growth plans over the course of 16 years.


Skilled at helping you create calculated Winning Moves

We've helped create winning moves that tripled revenues & replace old, unprofitable strategies with profitable new ones.


Can question internal assumptions and drive bold decisions

We've led discussions that caused businesses to diversify, change markets, build new products, double their profitability and more.

Here's what an unproductive planning session 
really costs your business:

It’s more than just the cost of two days’ salaries for your entire leadership team.

Not Working

Missed revenue due to a poorly-built plan that doesn't optimize growth


A whole quarter or year lost because you didn’t make progress on key initiatives


Money wasted due to misalignment across the organization


Cost of low performance teams that are not accountable to their goals

Don't waste your planning sessions creating plans that you never execute. Hire a Rhythm facilitator instead.

Where do you find your plan post-session?

Written on big easel pads and rolled up under your desk? Is it on your hard drive? Never shared with the company? Never broken down? Stowed away on a folder in your computer, never to be touched again?

Don't let your valuable planning sessions go to waste. Build and execute the best plan you will ever have with experts guiding your entire process.

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A Rhythm strategic planning facilitator will help you


Rank your top ideas so you only focus on the ones that impact your business most.

We have facilitated hundreds quarterly planning sessions, and helped businesses zero in on the best ideas with no losers in the discussions.

AI Stars

Prep for the planning session and make sure you're ready with all meeting materials.

Let the Rhythm facilitator handle the logistics while you focus on the actual strategy that will grow your business.


Build actionable plans that are in sync with your organizational goals.

We'll help you create execution-ready plans that drive towards your BHAG and ensure your teams know what their day jobs are contributing towards.


Create a custom agenda that clarifies your objectives for the planning session.

Your Rhythm facilitator will help you set the right goals and expectations for the meeting, so you and your teams know the outcomes that make it a successful session.


Review your previous performance and take stock of where you stand.

We will help you assess and explore your current conditions. And then build a plan that gears you for success.


Get your entire team aligned and committed to the plan.

Our job is to ensure every idea is heard, all concerns are shared unreservedly and in the end, everyone is excited to do their bit for the plan!


Create a safe environment for honest discussions and manage conflict as it arises.

Make the most out of your planning session and have difficult, open conversations without the fear of retribution.

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Make sure everyone in the company understands the plan and their part in getting it done.

By assigning responsibilities to every team and employee with clear success and failure criteria, our facilitators help you getting the plan from paper to reality.

Rhythm Triangle

Get the most ROI out of your strategic planning 
with our expert facilitation.

Stop building half-hearted strategies and plans that do not impact your revenue and waste your time. Give your business and your teams strong, actionable plans that contribute towards the future you've dreamed of, with Rhythm facilitation.

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Rhythm facilitators have helped build 10,000+ growth plans for businesses in diverse industries


With Rhythm, we feel prepared to take on each quarter and
can anticipate results before it's too late.

Michael Praeger, CEO, AvidXchange