Weekly Adjustment Meetings vs. Weekly Status Meetings (Infographic)

By Jessica Wishart

    Fri, Dec 12, 2014 @ 09:00 AM Effective Meetings

    Establishing the right meeting rhythm with your executive team is key.  Many executives spend the majority meeting1of their days in one meeting or another; when you consider their salaries and the many other demands on their time, you want to ensure you are doing everything possible to only have meetings that add value.

    Many executive teams are in a rhythm of meeting weekly to update each other on the status of projects and priorities.  While it is important to have clear communication and keep each other in the loop on these important topics, the time you spend with your executive team would be far more valuable if you replaced boring weekly status update meetings with Weekly Adjustment Meetings that energize your team around solving problems before it is too late to hit your quarterly goals.  The infographic below is a comparison of Weekly Adjustment Meetings and Weekly Status Meetings.




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