Our Middle Market Growth Playbook

Focus. Align. Execute.



Create focus for the future of your business.



Provide clear plans so teams know what to do.



Keep your plan on track.

A Clear Path from Strategy to Execution.

A complete system built for mid-market companies to get everyone aligned.

Designed for the unique needs of executive teams, departmental leaders and individuals.

  • Annual and Quarterly Plans that Succeed
  • Managers Can See Who Needs Help and Why
  • Winning Moves to Double Your Revenue
  • Develop a Team of “A” Players

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Rhythm Systems
"Rhythm helps you stay accountable to the strategic plan and then to execute."
-Dr. Steve Vogt - President/CEO, BioPlus

A Proven System for Your Success

A Simple Framework + Rhythm University

The Winning Formula for Breakthrough Execution

Think Plan Do

10-20 Years

Keep your strategy top of mind every year, every quarter, every week and every day.

3-5 Years

Develop winning moves that will 2X your revenue over the next 3-5 years.


Create an “execution ready” annual plan.


Make sure your plan passes the focus, financial, accountability and energy tests.


Spend weekly meetings solving problems; not talking about status updates.


Provide the right coaching at the right time to keep project moving forward.

Rhythm University

Spend less time prepping and more time thinking, planning and doing the work.

Everything you need to create “execution ready” strategies, annual/quarterly plans, relevant KPIs and job scorecards.

Strategy Discussions

Work on your BHAG, Core Values, Core Purpose, Brand Promise and Winning Moves using our Rhythm Strategic Session packages. Step-by-step Power Point decks, faciltiated notes, exercises, discussion topics, prep work and tools.

Annual and Quarter Planning Sessions

Prepare and run your Annual and Quarterly Planning Sessions using our Rhythm Planning Session package including Power Point decks, faciltiated notes, exercises, discussion topics, prep work and tools.

Weekly Meetings

Learn how to prepare for and run an effective weekly adjustment meeting.

Job Scorecards

Learn how to develop and use job scorecards to develop a Team of “A” Players.

Rhythm Certification

Become a confident user and have fun doing it.

See what Rhythm can do for you.

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