“Having a Rhythm facilitator allowed me to be an active participant in our Annual Planning session. The decisions we made at that meeting led us to a 15% increase in sales the very next quarter.” -Dr. Steve Vogt CEO, BioPlus Pharmacy


Effective Annual and Quarterly Planning is a rhythmic event that happens every single year in preparation for the year or quarter ahead. With that being said, it is very important to recognize the value of being a direct part of the conversation. That’s hard to do if you’re also responsible for the many aspects of effective facilitation. Plus, is your time best spent doing all the prep work necessary (which is required for a viable session) and then facilitating that session and then doing the follow-up needed to pull everything together…or is your time best spent being focused on other aspects of what you do for your company?

Annual Planning

We help you customize your strategy into an "Execution Ready" plan to Focus on.

Part 1: Strategic Thinking

  • Work on 1-2 long term strategies (BHAG, Brand Promise, Core Values, Winning Moves)

Part 2: Execution Planning

  • Determine the right priorities and KPI's
  • Develop quarterly company and individual priorities with success metrics
  • Create a 12 month path of progress to keep your plan on track
  • Build a communication plan to share with the rest of the company

Plan Rhythm

Quarterly Planning

We help you create a Winning Plan, Align your team and execute your 13 Week Race®

During sessions you will:

  • Review the previous year/quarter for results, bright spots and lessons learned
  • Determine your focus for the quarter and metrics to measure it
  • Commit to your top 3-5 company priorities and set success metrics
  • Commit to individual priorities and set success metrics
  • Develop a communication plan to share with the rest of the company

Does your plan help you achieve your financial goals?
Does your plan have a main focus to grow and improve the business? 



"We had good strategies in place, but wanted to raise the bar on execution and accountability. Rhythm Systems has helped us take our execution to a higher level and bring our strategic plan to life."

Tom Stone VP Human Resources - Dutch Valley Food Distributors

Does your plan have enough priorities dedicated your main business goal?
Does your plan have clear success criteria for all your priorities?


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