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Rhythm Blog | Tiffany Chepul

by Patrick Thean and the Rhythm Team

Process Implementation: How to Implement a New Process at Work in 2020

Tiffany Chepul Mon, Jun 1, 2020 @ 11:00 AM

As companies grow, the need to strategic establish implementation processes to help you scale to meet your business goals becomes inevitable. We've all reached a place in our role when the way we used to do things no longer works and we have to innovate. Necessity becomes the mother of invention - there's really no way to avoid it in a healthy growing company.  The best companies are continually improving and have systems to implement a new process quickly and effectively.

The truth remains, however: implementing new processes at work is hard. It's some of the most difficult work that teams do. Some teams struggle with change itself - it pushes people out of their comfort zone and sometimes there is resistance. Other teams struggle to develop the processes themselves - they can't agree on the best way to proceed to improve the business process. Even if you can define a new process and make some headway on changing people's mindsets, there is still the uphill battle for implementing the key processes that turn plans into action. Management teams can help their employees to implement a new business process in five simple ways to maximize their implementation efforts.

Composite KPIs - Changing the Conversation at Weekly Meetings

Tiffany Chepul Wed, Apr 1, 2020 @ 05:00 PM

Many times, the Key Performance Indicators we review at the executive team level are actually the sum or average of several smaller KPIs.  Viewing KPIs in this composite form is a powerful tool that one of my clients has recently employed.  What they have discovered is that it is changing the conversation at their weekly meeting and making it possible to identify bright spots more effectively.  Once they have a bright spot, it is easier to scale what is working across their 20 store locations. Composite KPIs have been a minor adjustment for them that resulted in a major positive shift in their ability to adjust. 

How to Reduce Chaos at Work During A Crisis Using Rhythm Software

Tiffany Chepul Fri, Mar 27, 2020 @ 12:07 PM

With information moving so quickly regarding global pandemic COVID-19, many companies are facing the daunting task of taking care of their employees, customers and their bottom line in a fluid environment. We’ve already seen some companies using Rhythm as their tool of choice to keep everyone aligned and executing in lock step.

Top 22 KPI Examples for Technology Companies (Updated for 2020)

Tiffany Chepul Thu, Mar 26, 2020 @ 11:00 AM

It can be intimidating to sit down to a blank slate and begin working on your company’s first official KPI dashboard! Over the years, I’ve worked with hundreds of technology and software companies doing just that - beginning their KPI journey in Rhythm. So how do you get started?

First, it’s helpful to think of your business in terms of 4 key areas: Employees, Customers, Processes and Revenue. In order to have a clear high-level view of the health of your company, you should have visibility on all four areas. What can you measure to give you the proper insights on the health of your employees, customers, processes and revenue?  

Download our free KPI Guide to help you drive results with KPIs.

If you are still stuck, we’ve compiled the ultimate KPI cheat sheet for software companies! Below are some of the most common KPIs we’ve seen from technology companies using Rhythm for each of the 4 key areas:

Goal Setting Steps: 5 Keys to Drive Better Results

Tiffany Chepul Sat, Feb 29, 2020 @ 11:02 AM

Goal setting is both a skill and an art. Whether you are new to the goal-setting game, or a seasoned pro, there is always room for improvement.  One of the most used aspects of our strategy execution platform is the company goal setting software.

When writing goals, use these 5 steps to drive better results.

Goal Setting Step 1: Write your goal and keep it simple

Start by writing your goal in a clear, action-oriented way. It should start with a verb and state exactly what you are going to do and by when. Let’s start with one example and work it through the 5 steps.

Example Goal: Hire and train 20 new sales reps by end of September

The 10 Best HR Employee Engagement Metrics and KPIs (Updated for 2020)

Tiffany Chepul Sat, Feb 29, 2020 @ 09:00 AM

After recently reviewing thousand of Annual Plans and Quarterly Plans, I can say without a doubt that improving employee engagement seems to be top of mind for everyone this year. How on earth do you keep today's dynamic and diverse employees happy, engaged and productive? It's the million dollar question that we ask ourselves year after year.

According to Gallup, companies with highly engaged workforces outperform their peers by 147%. Gallup also concluded that 87% of employees worldwide are not engaged. So, how do you know if your company is on the right side of those statistics?  You need to start measuring employee engagement KPIs this quarter so that you can keep your A Players and reduce employee turnover.  This is not just a function for the human resources department, the best team managers measure employee satisfaction KPIs on their teams.

Using Red Yellow Green Performance Indicators Examples That Are SMART

Tiffany Chepul Sat, Feb 29, 2020 @ 09:00 AM

Each KPI and Priority should have clearly defined success criteria. What is success? What is failure?  Discuss, debate and agree as a team.

Sounds simple, right?  

For many teams, setting Red-Yellow-Green (RYG) business success criteria is a challenge. It doesn't come easily for everyone. Fortunately, it's a skill that can be learned. 

First and foremost, success criteria should be SMART (specific, measurable, attainable, realistic & timely) red yellow green performance indicators are critical to hitting your goals and targets. Below are a few examples of using SMART red yellow green performance indicators in the real world.

What Should You Start, Stop, and Keep Doing In The Next 90 Days? (Video)

Tiffany Chepul Sat, Feb 29, 2020 @ 07:10 AM
Every quarter, my team and I complete a Start-Stop-Keep exercise to get us thinking. It's a valuable process that forces me to think: What should I Start, Stop, and Keep doing in the next 90 days to help my organization achieve its goals?

Questions Every Good Weekly Meeting Facilitator Should Ask

Tiffany Chepul Fri, Feb 28, 2020 @ 09:00 AM

Virtual and Remote meetings are harder to facilitate because the physical and emotional cues can't be read. Video helps, but only to a certain degree. The following blog highlights a few good weekly meeting questions for the facilitation of a great meeting, either online or through virtual web conferencing.

We teach the best practice of Weekly adjustment meetings using the Rhythm Software and Dashboards.

Recently, after taking a new team of Rhythm software users through their first Weekly Adjustment Meeting,they asked me to write down some of the questions I used while facilitating. The request really got me thinking. Who doesn’t need a few good weekly meeting facilitation questions in their back pocket, right?

How the Best CEOs Align Employees with Company Goals

Tiffany Chepul Wed, Feb 12, 2020 @ 11:03 AM

As the dust settles on the Annual Planning season, many CEOs now face the challenge of how to achieve and maintain alignment to the company goals across the organization for the entire year. For everyone on your executive team, this job should never end. And, as CEO, you are the driver, the one person who can have the single greatest impact on your team’s focus and alignment throughout the year.