Setting Your Sales Team Up For Success

By Tiffany Chepul

Recently, I have been working with many Rhythm clients who are cascading to their sales teams.  The sales team kpis and okrsfirst question I get is this: "We have access to a million different metrics in our CRM.  Why do we need Rhythm Strategy Execution Software?"

It's a valid question - with today's CRM systems, teams do have access to all kinds of data points and metrics. However, I've found they also operate under the assumption that everyone else in the company looks at the CRM metrics as much as they do - which isn't always the case.  Secondly, focusing solely on metrics leaves out a crucial part of solid execution: "How are we going to get there?"

The purpose of Rhythm is to create focus, alignment and accountability with your sales team.  Below are some best practices for Sales teams to do just that.

  • Standardize a set of 2 or 3 KPIs for all front-line salespeople.   Focus the team on 2-3 strategic indicators.  Start with your results indicator (usually a revenue goal).  Next, determine 1 or 2 key leading indicators to let you know if you are on track (pipeline, # of meetings, qualified leads, etc.).  Use this same set of KPIs for each salesperson.  Record them as KPIs for each person and make each responsible for statusing them weekly.
  • Focus the team on "how."  Many sales teams struggle with the difference between a KPI and a Priority.  Their natural inclination is to say: "My #1 Personal Priority is to make my revenue goal."  While that is true, most sales teams don't have in-depth discussions on HOW to get there.  What are they going to DO?  What initiatives, projects or campaigns should they focus on to help them get to their revenue goal?  What's working for someone else on the team?  Their Personal Priorities should not be a restatement of one of their KPIs - there should be a verb.
  • Use the natural competitiveness of salespeople to make it fun and drive results.  With the increased visibility of the entire team statusing their 2-3 personal KPIs each week, the competitive nature of your team will be re-energized.  Have fun with it with an occasional contest:  "On Friday, we will bring in lunch for everyone who is SuperGreen on pipeline this week!"
  • Use Rhythm for the Sales Weekly Meeting.  Once your quarterly execution plan is in place, the team should status their priorities and KPIs each week in advance of the Weekly Meeting.  Rhythm Mobile (the iPad app) makes this easy for salespeople on the go.  Use Rhythm as the framework for the Weekly Meeting using our recommended agenda.  With hectic travel schedules, there will be weeks when people aren't able to attend, which is okay.  As long as everyone updates status weekly, current information can be communicated to the team during the meeting, even if one or two people can't attend.

Tiffany Chepul


Photo Credit: iStock by Getty Images