How to Set Clear Goals for Your Priorities

By Paige Wilcox

How to Set Clear Goals for Your Priorities

dateWed, Apr 25, 2018 @ 11:00 AM

Priorities—not to be mistaken for KPIs —outline the work you plan on doing in a given amount of time in order to achieve your desired results. A key component in achieving those desired results is clearly defining them.

You need to specify what success looks like first so you can effectively plan for meeting—and exceeding—those measures of success.

How to Set Clear Goals for Your Priorities

All Success Criteria Are Not Created Equal

 At Rhythm Systems, we advise defining these four categories for measuring success:

  • SuperGreen – Your Stretch/Challenge Goal
  • Green – Success/Your Goal
  • Yellow – Between Red & Green
  • Red – True Failure

For help writing clear success criteria, download a free excerpt from the book  Rhythm.

I often see people setting the Green goal of a Priority as simply “Completed.” Yes, completing a Priority may be the goal in general terms, but get specific! In a game of pick-up basketball, winning may be the goal, but how many points, time and sets determine when the game is won? Simple measurements of “Done/Not Done” are what Actions are for.

Instead, consider goal examples like, “Secure 20 new contracts this quarter,” “Reduce facility costs by 15%” or “New hire closes deal within 2 months.” Being able to define your Green goal in these kinds of terms also help make it clear what you consider to be SuperGreen, Yellow and Red.

So in short, get specific and reach for you SuperGreen goals!

5 Minute Rhythm-Set Red Yellow Green Success Criteria

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Paige Wilcox


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