So Proud To Be A Part Of A High Performance Team!

By Jenn LeVine

I have to say - we all work at this amazing company that, as Patrick would say, actually eats their own dog food! We live our Core Values and because of that we have the Dream Team. I have been employed here for just about 4 years and Patrick has been talking about hosting a conference since day one. Well, about a year ago, at a monthly planning meeting, Patrick stated that the executive team talked and they want to go ahead and actually plan out the dream of having a conference! So, after months of planning, we had our inaugural Breakthrough Execution Conference! (BEC)

Rhythm Systems Inaugural Breakthrough Execution Conference
Just a little fun at the photo booth!

With a team of only 20 high performing "A" Players, we did it!  Most of us are remote workers, but everyone is part of one or more cross-functional teams. We created these cross-functional teams and trusted everyone to get their aspect of the plan done to have a successful BEC. I believe that with the culture Rhythm Systems has created, there is never any doubt as to whether or not when you assign something to someone that you trust, they will get it done as an interdependent "A" player. We honestly do not have one employee that is not engaged in every part of making this company successful. I am truly blessed to be a part of it - thank you Dream Team!

Although we were getting ready for the BEC15, we still had our "day jobs" to get done. Everyone does their Job Scorecard duties; the development team, consulting team, client services, sales, marketing, etc. We also have cross-functional teams in place for other projects, one is creating a new certification program that is in beta right now and a new Rhythm software feature - High Performance Teams, why not, we are one!

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Jenn LeVine


Photo Credit: iStock by Getty Images