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How Successful Companies Tackle Growth Challenges and Win


Real Advice

From Real Leaders

Facing Real Challenges

Just Like Yours

This book gives you the whole story - the good, the bad and the ugly with unique insights from privately held middle market CEOs and executives.

Tackle The 10 Most Common Growth Challenges:

  1. Winning and growing customers
  2. Choosing the strategies that matter most
  3. Developing a reliable process to innovate
  4. Aligning business units and killing silos
  5. Scaling your company for rapid growth
  6. Doubling the capacity of your executive team
  7. Making acquisitions work
  8. Managing global teams and remote employees
  9. Creating a drama-free culture
  10. Executing the CEO Playbook

Free Chapter Previews

Win New Customers and Sell More to the Ones You Love

Chapter 2

Win New Customers and Sell More to the Ones You Love.

How clarifying the core customer brought about a Winning Move that led to 400 percent growth in three years


Making Acquisitions Work

Chapter 8

Making Acquisitions Work

How clarity, accountability, and the right metrics helped a company double its size and dramatically expand its reach


Meet the Authors

Patrick Thean

Patrick is a successful serial entrepreneur, CEO of Rhythm Systems and the architect behind Rhythm software.

Ted Skinner

Ted's technical aptitude and drive for team growth allow him to help leaders develop revenue growth strategies.

Barry Pruitt

Barry's extensive experience has helped him build deep insight into best practices across industries and around the world.

Chris Cosper

Chris is an expert in creative problem-solving with a passion for helping others bring their visions to life.

Tiffany Chepul

Tiffany is an expert at simplifying complex concepts, loves diagnosing issues and motivating teams to action.

Cathy McCullough

Cathy's passion is working with leaders of organizations of all sizes and sectors to transform their companies.

Liz McBride

Liz is a change thought leader, working with leaders to help prepare and shape their teams to optimize growth.

Alan Gehringer

Alan helps start up and reengineer midsize businesses and works to help companies of all kinds realize their full potential.

Melissa Enriquez

Melissa's education as an engineer and her fascination with human interaction combine to give her unique insights into execution excellence.

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