Your Brand Promise is the promise you're making to your customers that both really matters to them and makes you different from your competitors.
Your Brand Promise matters because it will help you win more of the Right Customers by helping you focus on HOW you sell your WHAT to your WHO.
Example: Rhythm Systems helps mid-market companies successfully get more initiatives done through cloud-based software and consulting.
Determine your Brand Promise

How To Determine Your Brand Promise

How to determine your Brand Promise
  • Identify your WHO: Your Core Customer and their Needs (not wants)
  • Identify your WHAT: Determine what is your unique or uncommon offering to your Core Customer
  • Identify your HOW: How becomes the persuasive strategy that will convince the core customer to buy the firm's uncommon offering vs. all competitive offerings. This sells WHAT to WHO.

Download this Brand Promise Tool to get started.

Questions To Test & Refine Your Brand Promise

  • Is this why your Core Customers buy?
  • Is it easier to generate sales?
  • Does it make you better?
  • Do customers say you are different because of this?
Ask questions to test & refine your Brand Promise

Create A Brand Promise Guarantee

Create a Brand Promise Guarantee
Win more of the right customers. The Brand Promise Guarantee helps a new customer try you if they don’t know you yet.  The Guarantee reduces the risk the customer experiences when they buy from you for the first time.

The right Brand Promise Guarantee will shift the risk from the customer to you in order to help you win their trust.  These are NOT safe ideas.  In fact, you may feel your stomach turning at first when you discuss and determine your Guarantee.

Determine Your Sandbox - where will you sell

Your Sandbox is where you will dominate over the next 3-5 years. The sandbox should be large enough to support your 3-5 year revenue and market share goals, but concise enough to give you direction and focus. 

To determine your Sandbox, ask these 3 questions:

  • Where will you sell? (Geographical region)
  • What will you sell? (Products)
  • Distribution Channel? (B2B, B2C, dedicated sales force, sales reps, on-line, retail, etc.)
 Determine your business Sandbox

Take your Brand Promise to the next level.

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