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    Rhythm has helped us align and fuel growth!

    Rhythm allows us to focus resources throughout the company to make progress week-by-week towards the achievement of our agreed quarterly success criteria and our annual goals. It provides visibility to progress (and roadblocks) cross-functionally and up-and-down the line.

    Lucie Voves, Founder & CEO at Church Hill Classics

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    Keeps us focused and aligned on what matters

    Rhythm helps you stay accountable to the strategic plan and then to execute it. With Rhythm, we have achieved 140% growth 3 years in a row.

    Dr. Steve Vogt, CEO, BioPlus Pharmacy

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    It really works to help you scale

    I have used Rhythm on 4 separate companies. It's been instrumental in helping us Start. Scale. Exit. and Repeat. It benefits us by getting everyone in alignment and making sure nothing falls through the cracks.

    Colin Campbell, Serial Entrepreneur

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    Game-Changing Approach and Tool

    Rhythm is grounded in basic principles of focus and accountability. That's what makes it so powerful. I have seen our organization transform its ability to define where we're going and execute as a result of applying those principles and using the Rhythm tools to facilitate that.

    Rick Waldron, VP, Strategy & Innovation, MOBE


How do I choose the best plan?

Rhythm helps organizations align their teams to their strategic plan to reach organizational goals faster. Building habits is a process. For that reason, we offer several options to help you in your journey:

  • The PROFESSIONAL PLAN is great for a team that wants to achieve alignment, better KPI tracking, and to run effective meetings.

  • The PREMIUM PLAN is for companies that want better visibility, alignment, accountability, and focus throughout the entire organization. 

  • The ENTERPRISE PLAN is great for companies who are ready to achieve peak performance. They have a strategic plan and need a simple way to cascade their plan through the entire organization to ensure the right people are working on the right initiatives.

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How many users can I have on my plan?

The PROFESSIONAL PLAN is billed per user. There is no minimum or maximum number of users required to subscribe to the Professional Plan.

The PREMIUM PLAN typically includes between 15-65 users to start.

ENTERPRISE PLANS typically include 150 users. Additional users beyond the initial plan limit are billed per user.

Do you provide customer support?


With the Starter plan, you can search our robust Help Center, take short, on-demand Certification courses, or reach our Rhythm Systems support team at help@rhythmsystems.com. 


For those clients who have purchased the Premium or Enterprise plans, you will have a dedicated Rhythm Success Manager that will be with you every step of the way.


Does Rhythm integrate with other platforms?

All customers have access to our calendar integrations with Outlook and Google Calendar and our file integration with Dropbox. We have APIs to integrate seamlessly with most cloud-based business software solutions. Your team can set up basic integrations to update the status of goals from spreadsheets through Zapier or your own custom code. Or, if you’re looking for more advanced capabilities, our team can set up integrations for an additional cost to create goals and tasks from other systems, pull data from Salesforce reports, or sync with the most commonly used project management tools (for example, Wrike, Trello, Asana, Monday).

Can goal labels be customized?

Yes, Rhythm Software allows you to change the labels to fit your company’s needs.

How often will I be billed?

Typically, the software is billed quarterly, and services are billed according to the terms on the letter of engagement.