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Do your leaders and teams deliver predictable results?

As you grow, things get complex quickly. With multiple layers and lots of opportunities to grow, it gets increasingly difficult to get all your company initiatives done.

It is common to bite off more than you can chew and nothing actually gets finished. Teams work in silos causing duplication of effort and rework. Time is wasted cleaning up.


Top 3 Reasons Why Teams Do Not Deliver Expected Results

  1. Roles, Goals and Expectations are Not Clear
  2. Lack of Communication and Collaboration
  3. Leaders Don’t Know Who Needs Help and Why

According to Gallup the top 25% of leaders get better business results:

  • 21% Higher Profitability
  • 20% Higher Sales
  • 17% Higher Productivity
  • 24% Less Turnover


Are your leaders and teams delivering top-notch results? We can help.

Develop Accountable Leaders That Deliver Predictable Results

1: Create Clear Roles and Goals

The best executive and departmental leaders provide extreme clarity to their teams and manage to success every week and every day. Providing clear roles and goals is the foundation to getting expected results.

Your dedicated Rhythm Consultant will help you:

  • Create clear scorecards with the right KPIs to help team members know exactly what they need to do to drive company goals.
  • Put this information into the Rhythm Software. KPIs and metrics are automatically added to weekly dashboards so you can work on company goals as a team.
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2: Develop A Plan Everyone Understands and Believes In

One team and one system to plan and work together. If you want predictable results, the executive team needs to create a plan that drives company growth and is understood and accepted by departments that will do the work.

Your Rhythm Expert Consultant will help you come together as a group before you start executing and create a solid cross-functional plan that addresses:

  • Common success metrics
  • Dependencies
  • Timelines
  • Resources needed from the department and the company

Your plan will be put into the Rhythm Software along with weekly dashboards and KPIs so everyone has one place to work on projects together.


3: Create Visible Dashboards to Manage Success Every Week and Every Day


Work Together Weekly

Using Rhythm Software, you will have everything you need to run your weekly meeting and keep your plan on track.

  • One simple dashboard to see all priorities and KPIs
  • Color-coded statuses
  • Comments to help identify issues
  • Stay Accountable - Add action items (connect to Outlook, Apple, Google Calendar)
Make it Easy for Managers to Know Who Needs Help and Why

Using Rhythm Software, you will have everything you need to run your weekly meeting and keep your plan on track.

Team KPI Dashboards

Managers can view KPIs and Connected Comments daily so they can provide the right coaching to get their team unstuck and keep projects moving forward.

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"Rhythm lets everybody know where they stand and what the goal is. There's never a doubt about what they should be working on."

David Wolfe, Division Manager, MobilityWorks

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