2023 List of Rhythm Systems Software Features

The industry's first AI-Powered software can help guide you anywhere you are along your journey.  We have the software and skills to help align, focus, and elevate your execution to your strategy summit.

Goal Management Software

  • Easily Set, Track, and Update Goals: Rhythm Systems' platform allows users to establish, monitor, and modify their goals effortlessly. Whether they are Winning Moves, Annual Priorities, Quarter Priorities, or KPIs, users can categorize their goals accordingly.
  • Comprehensive Goal Management: Users can access the "Goals Home" screen to update their goals. Additionally, they can add tasks, attachments, and comments to goals from this screen, enabling a holistic view of goal-related information.
  • Color-Coded Status Tracking: Rhythm Systems employs a color-coded system (Red-Yellow-Green) to represent the status of each goal. Users can easily modify the color status based on their progress. They can also set start and end dates, mark goals as completed, or keep them private for personal objectives.

AI Goal Writing

  • Assistance in Crafting Effective Goals: Rhythm Systems' AI goal writing capabilities provide assistance and suggestions for creating effective and measurable goals. The AI analyzes user inputs, industry best practices, and performance data to offer guidance in goal formulation.
  • Time-saving and Accuracy: AI goal writing reduces the time and effort required to create goals from scratch. It provides users with pre-populated templates, suggested metrics, and benchmarks, ensuring accuracy and consistency in goal setting.
  • Alignment with Organizational Objectives: By leveraging AI goal writing, users can ensure that their goals align with the broader organizational objectives. The AI takes into account the company's strategy, core values, and key performance indicators to generate goal recommendations that support strategic alignment.

Mobile Access

  • Seamless Mobile Experience: Rhythm Systems provides a mobile platform that allows users to update their goals, tasks, and notes from anywhere. Users can easily switch between teams, users, and quarters, ensuring flexibility and accessibility on the go.
  • Efficient Goal Management: The mobile app enables users to update the status of goals, work on comments, tasks, or attachments, and effortlessly navigate between different goals in their lists. Additionally, users can manage tasks by marking them complete, editing or deleting them, and accessing features like Week In Sync and Daily Huddle notes.
  • Convenient Team Collaboration: With mobile access, users can collaborate with team members in real time, ensuring efficient communication and progress tracking, even when not in the office.

Company Strategy Alignment

  • Aligning with Organizational Strategy: Rhythm Systems' platform provides a means for users to align their individual goals with the broader company strategy. By setting goals that contribute to the overall objectives, users can ensure that their efforts are aligned with the organization's direction.
  • Improved Strategic Execution: The platform helps users understand how their goals and initiatives fit within the company's strategy. This alignment enables effective execution, ensuring that every action is directed toward achieving the organization's desired outcomes.
  • Visibility and Accountability: Company strategy alignment within Rhythm Systems fosters visibility and accountability at all levels. It enables tracking progress towards strategic objectives, identifying areas for improvement, and ensuring everyone understands their roles and responsibilities in the strategic context.

Notifications and Alerts

  • Real-time Goal Updates: Rhythm Systems' notification feature keeps users informed about their goals. Users receive timely updates to celebrate successes, receive helpful tips during challenging times, and reminders to update overdue tasks and goal status updates.
  • Stay Engaged and Motivated: Notifications and alerts help users stay engaged and motivated by acknowledging achievements, providing guidance when facing obstacles, and prompting timely actions to ensure goal progress.
  • Enhanced Goal Management: With notifications, users can proactively track their goals, stay on top of tasks, and maintain momentum towards their objectives. The timely alerts facilitate effective goal management and drive consistent progress.

Personalization and Settings

  • Customized User Experience: Rhythm Systems offers users the ability to personalize their settings to suit their preferences. Users can customize their profile pictures, edit their names, and choose a dark mode for visual comfort.
  • Convenient Access to Assistance: The Help Center within the platform ensures that users can access assistance whenever needed, providing a resource for resolving queries or addressing any challenges they may encounter.
  • Flexibility and Security: Users can manage their account settings, such as signing up for email reminders, changing their password, and logging out, ensuring flexibility, security, and a personalized experience within the platform.

Job Scorecard Software  

  • Clarity on Roles and Responsibilities: Rhythm Systems' Job Scorecard feature allows users to view and document their role's purpose, key responsibilities, and the specific skills, traits, and competencies required for success in their position.
  • Alignment with Performance Expectations: By using the Job Scorecard, users can align their understanding of their role with the expectations set by the organization. This clarity helps them focus on their key responsibilities and prioritize tasks accordingly.
  • Personal Development and Growth: The Job Scorecard serves as a valuable resource for personal development, as it highlights the skills and competencies necessary for success. Users can identify areas for improvement and proactively work towards enhancing their performance in alignment with their role.

Strategy Building and Vision Casting

  • Holistic Strategic Growth Planning: Rhythm Systems' platform empowers users to build and visualize their company's strategy within the platform. This includes documenting core values, core purpose, BHAG (Big Hairy Audacious Goal), and core competencies, allowing for a comprehensive view of the organization's strategic direction.
  • Enhanced Strategic Alignment: By using the platform for strategy building, users can ensure that their goals and initiatives are directly aligned with the company's overarching strategic plan. This alignment enhances execution and increases the likelihood of achieving desired outcomes.
  • Improved Communication and Collaboration: Strategy building within Rhythm Systems facilitates effective team communication and collaboration. It provides a centralized platform for sharing and understanding the company's strategic objectives, fostering alignment and collective efforts toward achieving them.

Core Customer Discovery Documentation

  • Understanding the Target Audience: Rhythm Systems offers features for documenting the core customer, helping users better understand their target audience. This documentation includes key characteristics, needs, preferences, and pain points, enabling more effective decision-making and customer-centric strategies.
  • Determining Market Focus: By determining their sandbox (market focus), users can define the specific segments or niches they want to serve. This clarity helps in aligning marketing efforts, product development, and customer engagement strategies.
  • Defining the Brand Promise: Core customer documentation within Rhythm Systems allows users to articulate and document the brand promise. This ensures consistency in messaging, customer experience, and value delivery, strengthening the brand's positioning in the market.

People Performance Management Software

  • Efficient Feedback Meetings: Rhythm Systems' features facilitate enhanced performance through feedback meetings. The platform provides a structured framework for conducting these meetings, ensuring effective communication, actionable feedback, and continuous improvement.
  • Clarifying Roles and Responsibilities: Rhythm Systems' job scorecards help clarify organizational roles and responsibilities. This clarity fosters better collaboration, reduces confusion, and increases productivity by ensuring that everyone understands their specific contributions and areas of ownership.
  • Goal-oriented Performance Management: Users can align performance management processes with goal management by utilizing Rhythm Systems. The platform allows for setting clear objectives, tracking progress, and providing feedback, promoting a goal-oriented culture that drives individual and team performance.

Task Management

  • Efficient Task Tracking: Rhythm Systems provides features for managing tasks effectively. Users can track their tasks, assign them to team members, set deadlines, and monitor progress, all within the platform.
  • Collaborative Task Management: The platform enables collaborative task management, allowing users to delegate tasks, communicate updates, and work together toward task completion.
  • Prioritization and Time Management: Rhythm Systems' task management features help users prioritize their work, allocate resources effectively, and manage their time efficiently. This ensures that important tasks are completed on time and aligned with overarching goals.

Project Management

  • Centralized Project Management: Rhythm Systems allows users to manage projects within the platform, providing a centralized hub for project-related information, tasks, timelines, and resources.
  • Improved Project Visibility: The platform's project management features allow Users to see project progress, milestones, and dependencies. This transparency facilitates effective project tracking, communication, and timely decision-making.
  • Collaborative: Project Execution: Rhythm Systems promotes collaboration among team members during project execution. Users can assign tasks, share updates, and communicate within the platform, fostering seamless teamwork and coordination.
  • Streamlined Project Workflow: With Rhythm Systems' project management capabilities, users can streamline the project workflow by defining project goals, breaking them down into manageable tasks, and monitoring progress at each stage. This systematic approach ensures smoother project execution and successful completion.

Annual Planning Software

  • Strategic Planning for the Long-Term: Rhythm Systems offers features for annual planning, allowing users to create long-term strategic plans. Users can define objectives, establish strategies, and allocate resources to achieve their goals for the upcoming year.
  • Focused Planning for Short-Term Objectives: The platform's quarterly planning capabilities enable users to create plans for shorter timeframes, typically for a three-month period. This focused planning approach helps users prioritize key initiatives, set actionable targets, and align efforts for maximum impact.
  • Flexible Planning and Adaptation: Rhythm Systems supports iterative planning, allowing users to adapt and refine their plans as circumstances change. Users can make adjustments, reallocate resources, and update their goals based on evolving business needs and market dynamics.

Automated Quarter Plan 

  • Efficient Execution Plan Testing: Rhythm Systems' platform offers automated tests to stress test the effectiveness of the execution plan for a quarter. These tests help identify potential bottlenecks, resource constraints, or gaps in the plan, enabling users to address them and improve execution efficiency proactively.
  • Identification of Execution Risks: Through automated quarter plan tests, users can identify and mitigate risks associated with the execution plan. This proactive approach enhances the chances of successful goal achievement and helps in avoiding potential roadblocks.
  • Data-Driven Decision-Making: The automated tests within Rhythm Systems provide data and insights that inform decision-making regarding the execution plan. Users can leverage these insights to make informed adjustments, prioritize tasks, and optimize resource allocation

Getting Started with Rhythm Software

  • Ease of Onboarding: To get started with Rhythm Systems, users can sign up for an account and quickly navigate through the platform's intuitive interface. The user-friendly design makes it easy to begin setting goals, managing tasks, and accessing other features.
  • Comprehensive Support: Rhythm Systems provides a Help Center that offers comprehensive support and resources for users. Whether they need assistance with specific features, guidance on goal management, or answers to frequently asked questions, the Help Center is a valuable resource.
  • Ready to Achieve Success: By leveraging the various features of Rhythm Systems, users can enhance goal management, align with company strategy, streamline task and project management, and plan effectively on both annual and quarterly timelines. With the support of the platform's tools and resources, users are well-equipped to drive performance, achieve success, and execute their strategic objectives.
  • Continuous Improvement and Iteration: Rhythm Systems encourages continuous improvement and iteration in goal management, project execution, and planning. Users can leverage the platform's features to review progress, gather feedback, and make necessary adjustments to enhance performance and achieve better outcomes.

Meeting Management

  • Planning Meetings to capture notes, attendees, tasks, attachments, and comments
  • Weekly Meeting Preparation
  • Weekly Adjustment Meetings with agendas
  • Custom Meeting Agendas
  • 1:1 Meetings: easy way to keep track of your conversations with direct reports plus best practices to keep the meetings drama free
  • Repeating Tasks and Meetings: Save manual entry time with recurring tasks and meetings

Integration and Compatibility

  • Single Sign-On (SSO)
  • Workato Integration
  • Zapier Integration
  • Microsoft Teams Integration
  • Google and Outlook Calendar Integrations: Never lose sight of important tasks and meetings by synching them to your calendar
  • Download to CSV: Download and share Rhythm data with one simple click

Security and Compliance

  • Access Restrictions
  • Data Security
  • Compliance: All Rhythm Systems staff are trained annually on data security and privacy practices in compliance with GDPR recommendations

User Features

  • User Settings Adjustment
  • Navigation
  • Dark mode
  • Inline editing
  • Spanish translation available
  • My Rhythm App: My Rhythm is a simple yet powerful tool to keep everyone in your company working on the right things to achieve your long-term strategy and maximize your organizational performance
  • Item change history

Reporting and Analysis

  • Report Downloading
  • KPI Tracking
  • Trend charts
  • Custom Dashboards
  • Execution Summary information for teams and individuals
  • Quarter close
  • Strategy connector
  • Winning Moves chart
  • Winning Moves assumptions
  • Robust search, sort, and filter capabilities

Collaborative Tools

  • Idea Brainstorming
  • Collaboration tools: Commenting in Rhythm keeps relevant information in one place and accelerates breakthroughs in execution
  • Client/Employee Feedback: Capture and share important feedback from customers and team members
  • Custom Labels: Customize labels to bring your team into Rhythm seamlessly
  • Parking Lot: This is a simple screen designed to help you keep track of ideas that need further discussion
  • Attachments

Performance Management

  • OKR Management
  • People Energy Map
  • Weekly Reflection: Week In Sync notes keep teams aligned and individuals focused on top priorities for the week
  • Daily Huddle: Daily Huddle notes increase focus, alignment, and accountability
  • AI-Powered Coaching: By incorporating two decades of business expertise at its core, our first-to-market AI coach saves you hours by generating SMART goals within seconds
  • Balanced KPI Scorecard: Create a balanced view of your company's health by adding a handful of KPIs to your Scorecard
  • Simple Performance management: Quarterly and Annual reviews with simpler reports and an easy-to-follow process
  • Cascade teams and departments
  • Certification Program
  • Community platform
  • Dedicated support team

Strategy Planning

  • Long-term plan dashboards: Keep strategic goals front and center and stay on track for your 2-5 year plan
  • Strategy mountain growth plan: Capture and share your strategy story in a clear and compelling way
  • Core Values: Document Core values in Rhythm to share the handful of guiding principles by which your company navigates
  • Core Purpose: Document your Company's Core Purpose in Rhythm to ensure your team is aligned to a common reason for being
  • BHAG: Document your BHAG (Big Hairy Audacious Goal) to share the 10-25 year goal that stretches your company to achieve greatness
  • SWOT
  • Start-Stop-Keep
  • Core Competencies
  • Patented Energy Map View: Quickly understand whether your top goals for the company have enough energy behind them to be successful, and see in an instant which supporting goals are at risk and need attention