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Your Zoom meetings are dreadful. Your planning sessions don't have to be.

Leading a Planning Session is Hard Enough.

Don't settle for a subpar virtual planning session this year.

Our facilitators have led hundreds of virtual planning sessions. We'll help you discuss difficult questions and challenge your assumptions. Get insights and patterns from experienced facilitators. Let us help you reach your destination quicker with an expert virtual strategy facilitator.
Our virtual facilitation solution makes planning more flexible and customizable for your company's needs. We can facilitate your entire session or just the parts you need. Contact us before our calendar fills up.

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Rhythm clients are loving our new virtual facilitation solution.

Facilitated Strategy, Annual, and Quarterly Planning

"We had a great experience with our 2-day mid-year virtual planning session with Chris and Tiffany. It was SuperGreen with focus, participation, and results. It was better than expected and our team is enthusiastic to do it again."

- Dr. Vogt, Founder and CEO of BioPlus


Turned a 2-day full session into 3 half-day sessions 

"The results were amazing. Virtual planning gave us the flexibility to transform our in-person 2-day planning session into shorter highly focused deep dive sessions addressing critically important topics over 3 half days. Our team was focused and engaged, and we enjoyed the discussion and came out highly aligned with clear actionable steps to take. It was one of our most productive sessions."

- Mark Nussbaum, COO of Signature Consultants


Custom Planning Preparation Session

Uncover the Right Data to Drive the Right Discussions

Who is it for? Executive Teams Preparing for Annual or Quarterly Planning

Purpose: Bring your team together for ½-day to gather input, uncover opportunities, get the team aligned, and uncover what additional information you need to gather for your upcoming planning session


  • Facilitated session to ensure your team is prepared and aligned
  • Understanding the right strategic conversations you need to have
  • Identify the right research, data, and input needed 
  • Customize your agenda and logistics for your session

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Facilitated Quarterly Planning with Custom Prep

"Rhythm has been great at adapting to changing business conditions and facilitating our quarterly planning in a fully distributed fashion. It's critical to maintain the discipline of steering the business and we found the virtual session to be just as effective as our on-site sessions."

- Todd Olson, CEO and Founder of Pendo

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More Engaged Than Ever Before!

"Across the board, the team felt like we were more engaged and engaged in a sustained fashion than we have been in past in-person sessions. Thanks, Chris and team!"

- Stephanie Brookby, Chief of Staff of Pendo

Stephanie Brookby Chief of Staff at Pendo

Strategy Session

Make a Breakthrough for Your Company

Who is this for? Executive Teams

Purpose: To facilitate strategic discussions that will develop and further enhance the company’s strategies and ability to achieve its long-term goals


  • Alignment and progress on strategic discussions
  • Decisions on strategic questions posed
  • Path of Progress to advance strategy and next steps
  • Information put into Rhythm Software

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Strategy and Quarterly Execution Planning

"The virtual session allowed just as much interaction as the in-person session, and also allowed us to focus more on refining the strategy without getting sidetracked by the personalities in the room - mainly me :-)."

- Clay Richardson, Chief Excelerator of Digital FastForward

Clay Richardson Chief Excelerator at Digital FastForward

Annual Priorities Session

Align Your Executive Team For the Year to Come

Who is this for? Executive Teams

Purpose: Envision a successful year together, decide on the top 3-5 annual initiatives and targets to advance your strategies, and determine the right timing and sequence of major milestones you’ll need to accomplish over the next four quarters


  • Create a Destination Postcard
  • Company’s top 3-5 annual priorities with success criteria
  • 4-Quarter Flyover
  • Plan documented in Rhythm Software

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Facilitated Strategy, Annual, and Quarterly Planning

“Surprisingly, when we did our planning session virtually, my team listened better, was more focused and we finished a great session confident in our plan going into the new quarter.”


- Michael Praeger, CEO of AvidXchange

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Quarterly Execution Planning Session

Be Confident Your Plan is Ready for Execution

Who is this for? Executive Teams

Purpose: To create an “execution-ready” plan for the upcoming quarter that includes the company’s targets and top 3-5 Company Priorities with success criteria as well as the supporting priorities needed to accomplish the company’s goals


  • Execution-ready quarterly plan for the Executive Team
  • Financial targets for the quarter
  • Top 3-5 company level priorities with RYG success criteria
  • Supporting priorities with RYG success criteria
  • Create weekly meeting dashboards
  • Next steps to cascade and communicate the plan company-wide

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Quarterly Execution Planning with Custom Prep

"We ran our virtual annual planning meeting over 3 days and asked Alan to join on the last day to help us focus on execution planning. He worked with us to plan the entire event even though he was only there for the last day. On that day he made sure we pulled everything together into a cohesive, actionable plan. My only change for next time would be bringing him in on day one!"

- Piers Carey, CEO of Teneo


Cascade Planning Session

Be Ready to Communicate Your Plan to Departments

Who is this for? Executive Teams and Up to 5 Departmental Cascade teams

Purpose: Share the company plan with departmental teams and business units and allow them to create their own execution plans for the specific work they will do to achieve the company goals, creating clarity and accountability for the work that must be done


  • Departmental & individual priorities aligned with and linked to the company plan
  • Weekly execution dashboards set up for each department in Rhythm
  • Understanding of cross-functional dependencies
  • Company alignment and individual accountability

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Facilitated Cascade Planning and Training for New Team

"Myself and several others recently attended a virtual session with Melissa to train us on Rhythm. It was clear that Melissa knows how to conduct online learning. The presentation and demo were easy to follow, interactive, and fun. The next best thing to being there!"

- Barbara Davis Robinson, Director of Org Development and Learning of WellDyneRx

Barbara Davis Robinson welldyne

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