Establishing The Weekly Meeting Habit At The Group Level

By Tiffany Chepul

    Wed, Mar 7, 2012 @ 06:04 AM Annual & Quarterly Planning, Strategy Execution, Effective Meetings

    Successful Rhythm Cascade implementation hinges greatly on Group Leaders.  Once the Company's Quarterly Plan is established, Group Leaders must work with their teams to create their Group Quarterly Plan.  What good is a corporate goal of $25 million in new sales if the Sales team isn't aligned?  Meeting Rhythm

    Once each Group has established their Quarterly Plan, relentless Execution of the Weekly Meeting habit is essential.  

    First, decide on a recurring day and time that works for the team.   The most effective Group Weekly Meetings happen before the Executive Team's Weekly Meeting.  This ensures the Executive Team has the most current information flowing up from the Groups when they meet.

    Next, make sure the team understands the Weekly Meeting Prep process and the Weekly Meeting Agenda.  Hold the team accountable to completing their Weekly Meeting Prep and keeping their statuses current.

    Finally, make sure the Weekly Meeting happens every week without fail.  If the Group Leader is unable to attend, they should ask a team member to facilitate.  If a team member is unable to attend, they should know that their Priorities will be reviewed in their absence.  

    Solid Group Weekly Meeting habits will help the team execute at a faster pace, encourage collaboration and maintain focus.  Do you follow these steps for your Weekly Meetings? 

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