5 Tips for Working with Introverts

By Alicia Croke


dateWed, Jul 13, 2016 @ 09:00 AM

One of the most common misconceptions about working with introverts is that we do not work well with 5 Tips for Working with Introvertsothers. Susan Cain, an introversion expert, explains in her TED Talk that quiet people bring amazing talents to the world and should be celebrated. "Introversion is more about how you respond to stimulation including social stimulation."

Here are five tips for working well with introverts and to maximize your introverts' power. 

1. Quiet is okay.
Just because introverts are not speaking during a meeting does not mean they are not interacting. Introverts usually only talk in meetings when they have something important to say.

2. Be mindful of your energy.
Introverts give energy in social settings, whereas extroverts take energy in social settings. Two-hour meetings and parties are exhausting for introverts.

3. Keep a rhythm.
Most introverts prefer rhythm or schedule. Introverts do not thrive in uncertainty; they perform better when their days are scheduled. 

4. Provide plenty of downtime.
Introverts need alone time to recharge and refocus their energy.

5. Take time to get to know us.
Introverts are generally more reserved than their extrovert counterparts. Take time to get to know the introverts around you. Generally, once we know you, you might be surprised at how talkative we are!

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Photo Credit: iStock by Getty Images

Alicia Croke


Photo Credit: iStock by Getty Images