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Arbill's Julie Copeland and the "3 Surprising Tools to Win and Survive the Tough Battles"

By Paige Wilcox

    Thu, Dec 20, 2018 @ 10:54 AM Strategies for Growth, Accountable Leaders & Teams
    At this year's Breakthrough Conference, Julie Copeland shared her experiences and insights as CEO of Arbill during the inaugural, TED Talk-style "Breakthrough Talks" session. During her Talk, Copeland reflected on how she has successfully steered Arbill through massive business, industrial and personal upheavals, and she inspired others to discover and utilize their own leadership survival weapons.

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    “I enjoyed all of the Breakthrough Talks series,” says Rhiannon James of Industrial Exchange. “I thought the decision to showcase three different C-suite speakers from varying backgrounds and companies was very informative. In particular, I thought that Julie Copeland's speech was inspirational. Hearing about Julie's leadership journey at Arbill was an eye opener into the challenges that she has faced with her company and how she has turned those into opportunities. The transformation story was admirable, and it was clear that her tenacity and belief in her mission (to make manufacturing safer) were key components of her success. I really enjoyed listening to her talk.”

    Watch the video below to watch Copeland's talk on the "3 Surprising Tools to Win and Survive the Tough Battles:"
    Julie Copeland Leadership Weapons
    We'd love to hear your ideas for the next Breakthrough Talks session! Please reach out to Rhythm Systems' Head of Consulting Chris Cosper at if you'd like to be considered as a Breakthrough Talks speaker at the next Breakthrough Conference, October 24- 25, 2019, in Charlotte, NC!
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