Big Egos, Big Game, Big Loss (Video)

By Alicia Croke


Unfortunately, my team won't be at the big game this year, but I will be watching the Falcons face the Big Egos, Big Game, Big LossPatriots. I'm sad that my team, the Carolina Panthers, won't be playing tonight, but hopefully, they will be at the big game next year. 

I think that after a great season in 2015, my team became too big for their britches, and fell apart. They thought they could do no wrong. They thought they could slack off and celebrate. The team forgot what got them to a winning season: great teamwork and breakthrough execution!

This phenomenon is not only in sports, but I have also seen it play out in business. Remember the 3D printing company, MakerBot? "How did MakerBot, the darling of the 3D printing industry, fall so hard and seemingly so fast?" 

The Panthers and MakerBot thought they were the bee's knees and could do no wrong. Well, sometimes reality bites!

You can have all the spirit and belief in the world, but without a solid execution plan, you might turn into the Panthers in 2016, or the next MakerBot!

How do you keep your team and business on track without falling prey to the same trap?

Check out our short clip from our 2016 Breakthrough Conference to see how! 

5 Minute Rhythm-Playing Across the Lines
Photo Credit: iStock by Getty Images

Alicia Croke


Photo Credit: iStock by Getty Images