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By Ryan Walcott

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dateTue, Dec 11, 2018 @ 10:50 AM

Managing projects across multiple teams is really difficult. Isolated spreadsheets and email strings makebetter systems than spreadsheets it impossible for team members to follow and share updates. Traditional project management software is often too complicated, and everyone doesn’t always have access across teams because each team uses its own system. This leads to execution chaos. Multiple systems across teams, difficulty in communication and coordinating efforts, and slow/no information flow across teams result in late or failed projects.

The cost of this is staggering. Think about a recent project in your organization that failed. How much did that cost your business in time and money? Think about the opportunity that was missed because the project failed. What was the desired outcome of that project that was not realized? Add all that up, and you get the true cost of that project failure. The cost is likely millions of dollars, many stressed out people, and sadly lost jobs in many cases.

What is needed is a simple solution for team leaders and project managers to lead projects involving multiple teams to success effectively. You need a single platform to give you a central source of truth that will unify your work management and enable collaboration across teams.

Our Rhythm strategy execution software does just that. Rhythm helps you consolidate and organize work into priorities and actions across teams. It provides a central place to comment and collaborate with project team members to keep the team in sync, make adjustments, and keep your projects on track. Rhythm has powerful work connection capabilities that enable you to connect your execution to your strategy and purpose to ensure your teams work to achieve your growth goals.

Rhythm helps and enables key elements of a successful project:

  • everything is well planned
  • you can handle unexpected changes
  • you give attention to effective communications

Well Planned:

Rhythm’s Priorities dashboard gives you line-of-sight visibility into every element of your project plan. Each team can record their contribution to the project’s success and link it to the high-level project plan. Each team member knows their contribution to the project's success and can report out regularly on their successes or struggles. You can clearly see what is going on in your project and how it goes each week throughout the quarter.

Priorities Dashboard

Handling unexpected changes:

As a leader, you must lead your teams to success by handling unexpected changes in your execution plan. Rhythm can help you see who is succeeding and who is struggling. You can see immediately who needs a high-five and who needs help. As a project team member, you can comment to let team members know when you are stuck or struggling in your work to ask for help. This saves precious time and fosters collaboration among your team members to achieve project success.

Rhythm Comments

Give attention to effective communications:

As a leader, one of your main responsibilities is fostering effective communication with your team. This is especially a challenge when you are leading a cross-functional team project and many of your project team members are not your direct reports. Rhythm helps you with effective communication by showing the entire project plan across all teams in one system before execution even starts. Everyone knows their part and it is recorded in one central source of truth for the project. As you execute your project, you can track execution daily and weekly. Our Project View capability gives you visibility across teams down to the action level. All team members know who is working on what and when, so there is no guessing or wondering if project work is getting done. The whole plan is recorded and communicated.

Rhythm Priorities Dahsboards with Actions

Rhythm’s powerful meeting capability enables you to have effective project meetings with customized agendas to collaborate, solve problems, and keep your projects on-track when unexpected changes happen.

Rhythm Meetings Summary

These are just a few ways Rhythm helps and enables key elements of a successful project. We would love to talk with you to help you with your complex projects and ultimately see you achieve your growth goals.


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