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High Performance Teams

By Ted Skinner

    Thu, Nov 19, 2015 @ 09:00 AM Strategy Execution, Accountable Leaders & Teams

    At Rhythm Systems, we are still celebrating the success of our inaugural Breakthrough Execution ConferenceHigh_Performance_TeamsAll of the feedback has been overwhelmingly positive! We helped our clients achieve breakthrough after breakthrough, and the brave ones even recorded their own breakthrough stories here. Well, they might have just been looking to get an Apple Watch, but I can’t blame them!

    The biggest thing that stood out to me was how well Topgrading works.  Topgrading is the hiring methodology that we use internally at Rhythm Systems and recommend to our clients. I was so proud of everyone on our team who pulled together and put on such a great event.  Every team member was asking how they could help at every turn; nobody was worried about job descriptions or if they had done more work than another person. We all knew that everybody was pulling their own weight. With that piece of mind, we were all laser focused on giving our clients as many wow moments as possible, and there were quite a few!

    We unveiled the upcoming launch of our new High Performance Teams features in Rhythm that will help companies like yours build "A Teams" out of their "A Players." I was glad to know we were “eating our own dog food” as our team upped its game and performed at the highest possible level. When I was chatting with our attendees they kept asking “are you sure this is your first event?” and one even asked if we could help them run their own conference!  I’ll have to put that down as a potential winning move for our future. :)

    Thanks to everyone who made the effort to come visit with us. Many of you have already told me that you will be coming back to join us next October in Charlotte where our SuperGreen® goal is to have an even better conference with more breakthroughs. I hope I will see you there so I can introduce you to my colleagues, who I am so glad to call my teammates.

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