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How Well Are You Using Your BHAG? Red-Yellow-Green It!

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Published February 10, 2015

Photo Credit: iStock by Getty Images

Picture of Tiffany Chepul

Tiffany Chepul
a Rhythm Consultant

sign-256533_1280At the end of every quarter, Rhythm Coaches provide their clients with a Rhythm Progress Report.  The tool prompts some thinking.  How good are we at using the Rhythm methodology?  Are we truly living our strategy, or have we simply just filled in a text field on a form or in a piece of software?  What do we need to work on?

In the Progress Report, several strategic topics and best practices are listed under the categories Think Plan Do®.  Under Think is BHAG, Core Values, Brand Promise, etc.  Plan includes having a Quarterly Plan in place and cascading to teams.  Do lists the weekly adjustment meeting and accountability habits.  

Coaches assign a color to each area to "grade" their clients' progress using this success criteria:

SuperGreen:  Mastery of Rhythm Best Practices

Green: Adopting Rhythm Best Practices

Yellow: Working on It

Red: Stuck

With our focus on BHAG this quarter, below are some things we, as coaches, consider when evaluating a company's BHAG:

  •        Does your BHAG motivate people inside and outside of your company?
  •        Are you measuring progress toward a clear and specific destination, and does your team have a sense that you're moving forward?
  •        Can you see how the BHAG is being used to guide decisions?
  •        Is your BHAG big and hairy enough?  Does it cause you to gulp?
  •        Does it have a 10-25 year time horizon and include a specific year for completion?
  •        Is your BHAG being measured?  Will you know when you achieve it?

So, how would you Red-Yellow-Green your BHAG?  If you are Green or SuperGreen, excellent work!  If you are Yellow or Red, establish a Think Rhythm and continue to turn your flywheel one click at a time!


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