Brainstorming with Idea Boards

Use Idea Boards in a Meeting to brainstorm, categorize, rate, and agree with ideas; chart them on Impact and Ability to Execute; and decide what to execute.

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How to Use Idea Boards:

Adding a Board & Categories:

You can add multiple idea boards in your meetings. 

  1. Once you’ve created the Meeting record, go to the Idea Boards tab and hit the + to add an Idea Board.
  2. Give the board a name and save it.
  3. Open the board, and add Categories. You can add Suggested Categories (like Start, Stop, Keep for Planning Session Preparation) or create your own Categories. You can add multiple categories by choosing Add Category, and once you’re done, hit Save.
  4. You can grab the handle in the top left of each category column to drag and drop to change the order of the categories.
  5. You can hit the “More Actions” buttonimage-png-Jun-08-2021-02-17-49-55-PMin the top right corner of each category column to Edit or Delete the Category.

Adding an Idea:

  1. You can add Ideas under each category by clicking the + at the top of the column for the category you want to add it to. Or, you can hit the + in the top left to create an Idea.
  2. Give your idea a name and category. You can also rank your idea on the Impact and your Ability to Execute it. (The ranking is optional.)
  3. Once you save your idea, you can drag and drop it to change the category. 

Working with Ideas:

  1. Your team members can Agree with your idea on the board, and you can edit the Idea to change the name, category or ratings.
  2. You can switch to the Quadrant Chart to plot the ideas based on the ratings.
  3. You can use the Sort/Filter to review the Ideas by category, the person who submitted the ideas, or the top Agrees.
  4. You can click More Actions image-png-Jun-08-2021-02-17-49-55-PMon an idea to create a new Goal, SWOT item, or Parking Lot entry.

Tip: If you are working on an Idea Board, you can click the arrow to collapse the Meeting header to have more room to see more cards at once.