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The CEO Strategic Accelerator Program -
Triple Your Growth with Strategic Planning and Execution



10X Your Return on Payroll

Join the 2024 CEO Accelerator Program

May 8 and 9 from 3:30-5 pm ET

Align your company by building your long-term growth foundation. A world-class strategic consultant & coach will walk your team through the specific steps you must take to ensure continuous growth & success year over year.

Specific Work Includes:

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Long Term Strategy (BHAG, Core Values & Purpose)
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3-5 Year Winning Moves for Growth
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Actionable Execution Plan
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Personal feedback from Rhythm Business Coach Barry Pruitt

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Meet your hosts Nick and Barry

The CEO Strategic Accelerator Program Agenda

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Day 1 Highlights - Your Strategic Long-View: Learn to Think as a mid-market leader while seeking effective strategies to drive growth and achieve predictable results. Discover how to create, leverage, and drive long-term vision, core purpose, and core values through a proven strategic thinking framework. We’ll share quick tips on fostering a continuous learning and adaptation culture within your organization.

Gain insights on consistently clarifying strategic objectives, why (and how) to build a strategic foundation to align your team towards common goals, gain an introduction to proven strategic thinking frameworks, and coalesce your team effort fast.

The most important points you’ll hear:

  • A simple approach to strategically think about your business's future
  • How to sustain a constant supply of ideas for intentional growth
  • Step-by-step how to build a long-term flight path for your team
  • Gain valuable insights on ranking business ideas and the secret of testing each to minimize investment and resources

Day 2 Highlights – Align Every Asset with Your Vision and Get To Work: Day two of the accelerator will show you how to use your strategic compass to translate plans into actionable steps, ensure efficient execution, and overcome common challenges. Company growth and achieving success requires persistent effort. Learn a proven system to ensure that every asset is aligned with your strategic vision, helps bridge the communication gap and energize your team for daily actions. We’ll share a meaningful approach to harness metrics and tracking tools to make necessary adjustments for victory. You’ll go from wide-angle view to laser focus in one session:

If creating a plan seems hard, doing the work will seem impossible. You’ll learn to ensure that work gets done efficiently and effectively to turn your vision into reality. Plus, we’ll discuss accountability mechanisms and quick adjustments for optimal results while helping you avoid common pitfalls. Join us to empower your team, drive growth, and achieve success through daily, focused actions.

The most important points you’ll hear:

  • How to leverage your plan to align your teams
  • Best practices to stay focused and drive strategy
  • Lessons learned to get work done
  • When - and how - to make proactive adjustments for faster goal achievement

BONUS: 45 minutes of CEO consulting with Barry Pruitt and a free copy of the book Rhythm! 

A personal consultation where Barry will diagnose your business, prescribe a tailored path, and help you accelerate success – while avoiding failure! Insider advice, tips, and tools from successful companies worldwide that you can use immediately.