Middle Market M&A: 3 Ways Top Executives Make the Most of it (SlideShare)

By Cindy Praeger

Middle Market Mergers & Acquisitions

It was my pleasure to present a webinar last week with our partners, ACG, SunTrust, and the National Middle Market Mergers & AcquisitionsCenter for the Middle Market, on a topic that keeps many of our clients up at night - how to maximize M&A as a growth strategy. As the exclusive research report provided by the National Center for the Middle Market shows, for many executives, M&A feels like a big risk. Few have experience acquiring a business or selling off part of their business, and the statistics are against them - depending on which study you read, somewhere between 50-90% of acquisitions fail. So, if you are considering mergers and acquisitions as part of your growth strategy, you have good reason to be cautious.  

However, there are some proven ways to increase your chances of success. We’ve seen these patterns play out several times with our clients over the last decade, and we want to share the National Center for Middle Market’s research and our insights into how you can beat the odds and succeed with your acquisition.

Here’s a recap of our webinar "3 Ways Top Executives Make the Most of M&A” 


You can also catch the recording of the webinar here if you want to hear the real client stories for yourself. 

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Cindy Praeger


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