One of the biggest draws to being part of the Rhythm Systems team is the way our Core Values are core valuesingrained in each team member and incorporated into our work. They're not just a few cliché words thrown on a poster in the break room that go ignored—they are a living representation of our DNA, how we lead our lives and how we conduct business.

For reference, our Core Values are:

  1. Go the 2nd Mile
  2. Family is a Blessing
  3. Keep Smart
  4. Be Appreciative
  5. No TDC (thinly disguised contempt)

The Core Value "Be Appreciative" is particularly at top of mind around this time of year. I for one am thankful for our culture, our team and for the partners we are able to work with and share in celebrating their growth and successes.

We also take time to appreciate and reflect on moments where our partners live out our Core Values as well. Our team shares pretty much every "thank you" any of us receive with each other, big and small, as we all are invested in providing the best experiences possible.

Just recently at our Breakthrough Conference in October, the Rhythm Expert at ImageFIRST brought a thoughtful thank you gift for our Onboarding Expert Juan Sosa for going the 2nd mile on a help request.

core values

Coming back from the conference, we also received touching thank you notes and treats (thanks for the fruit basket, World Emblem!) from our speakers and attendees which were unexpectedly heartwarming and deeply appreciated.

core values  core values

While facilitating an Annual Planning session last week, the leadership team at BioPlus awarded our Consultant Tiffany Chepul with a Certificate of Appreciation for her leadership, dedication, and commitment to their success.

core values    core values

Seeing such appreciation reflected back at us is a reminder of how the values that inform our choices and the way we work can have an extended, Pay-It-Forward effect.

With that, I hope your Core Values inspire your team, help guide decisions and give deeper meaning to your business. Happy Thanksgiving everyone


Rhythm Systems has been helping companies develop core values and define their core purpose for over 13 years. Visit for more information.

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