Use Your Core Values and Job Scorecards In Your Hiring Process

By Patrick Thean

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Having a set of documented core values that you live daily is a powerful Execution Tool for your company. Let's start with your hiring process.  Do you use your core values as an essential component of your job scorecards to make sure that the right people are getting on your bus?  If your answer is "No", you should start today.  This will help you recruit and keep A Players.  Here are some common misconceptions that stop folks from using this powerful tool to ensure that only the right people get the privilege of working in your company.
Common Misconceptions:Core Values
  • Hiring with a core values filter means recruiting more people just like us 
  • Thinking that having different religious beliefs means different core values (not so - you can have different religious beliefs and share the same work culture and ethics)
  • Same values means the same point of view and therefore no diversity
When thinking about values, think behavior and decisions.  Think about the 5 most important behavioral traits that will cause people to make the best decisions for your company without you having to create too many rules to rule out what you would think of as "stupid mistakes" or bad judgement.  These handful of rules will allow autonomy and less management.  Jim Collins (author of Good To Great) says we should not spend time managing people, we should spend time removing obstacles in their way and then get out of their way and let them just execute.  You cannot do that unless you have confidence that the person is a good ambassador for you and will make the right decisions.  Having the same core values does not mean a lack of diversity.  You should have diversity.  Diversity brings you different points of view from different cultures.  Instead, use your core values to leverage diversity in your company to get the right decisions for your firm.
As always, its the Power of the AND.... not the OR.  Thus you also want the right skill for the job position. 
In summary, you really need a 3 point filter for hiring:
  • Purpose:  People who want to join your crusade  (be motivated by your Purpose and BHAG)
  • Core Values:  Enjoys and works well with the company's culture leading to speed and autonomy that results in good decisions with no micro-management
  • Skill:  Has the right skill for the job
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Patrick Thean


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