UBA Breakout Session - Make the Right Adjustments in Your Weekly Meeting to Win

By Patrick Thean

dateTue, May 22, 2012 @ 06:34 AM

After my keynote session yesterday in Chicago at UBA's (United Benefit Advisors) 2012 Spring Meeting, we brand promisecontinued into a breakout session, where we examined 3 things (click here for slides):
  • Your Brand Promise Guarantee
  • How to use Leading Indicators to help you make critical adjustments
  • How to use a dashboard in your Weekly Meeting to prompt the discussions that lead to making critical adjustments

Your next steps are to:
  • Work on 1 or 2 leading indicators to help you execute strongly for the quarter (13 week race)
  • Develop your dashboard to use in your Weekly Meeting using the 13 Week Dashboard tool
  • Change up your Weekly Meeting.  Status before the weekly meeting and spend 80% of your time discussing solutions instead of status.
Thank you for coming to the breakout session!
Rhythm Systems KPI Creator Tool (Key Performance Indicators)

Patrick Thean


Photo Credit: iStock by Getty Images