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The Right Meeting Rhythm Will Set You Free! (Infographic)

By Jessica Wishart

    Sat, Feb 29, 2020 @ 08:57 AM Annual & Quarterly Planning, Effective Meetings

    It sounds so simple.  But, I was just discussing scaling up meeting rhythms with one of my colleagues, and she told Meeting Rhythmme that it took her last company three years to get into the right meeting cadence that actually accelerated their team's progress!  They learned through a lot of trial and error (and probably a lot of wasted time in meetings that were unnecessary and some productive time lost catching up in hallway conversations when a meeting was needed but didn't happen).

    So, what's the secret to setting up the right meeting cadence to maximize productive time planning, learning, and solving problems with the team without sacrificing too much of the time that everyone needs to actually get the work done?  

    Meeting Cadence

    Meeting Rhythms Infographic for Scaling Up

    If you want to learn more about Daily Huddles, Weekly Adjustment Meetings, Monthly Meetings, Quarterly Planning, and Annual Planning, check out the Resource Center on our site or read more on our blog.  Each of the meetings will help you define and execute your quarterly priorities and keeping focus on your top priority.  Make sure that you use continue to use this meeting cadence to out execute the competition.  The high growth companies use the right meeting rhythms to help execute their strategic plans.

    Good luck getting your team in the right meeting rhythm!

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