Breakthrough Conference: Making Adjustments in Real Life

By Melissa Enriquez

Our team is so grateful and appreciative to all of our guests who could join us at our very first BreakthroughBEC2015_1-15.jpg Conference last fall. I could be a little biased, but I thought is was such a high-energy, engaging and magical time for everyone there. I am so proud of my team and for all the breakthroughs our guests had!

As our team did our final run through the night before, someone on our team brilliantly brought up a suggestion to have extra people at the Registration area to assist attendees with our Event App. It was genius! It was a small adjustment to make, but crucial. All we had to do was check the schedule to see who was available and communicate that we needed extra help, and boom! Our team delivered!

As I reflect back, it was not only a moment to help with technology, it was a moment to make a real human connection with our guests. I know because I personally helped a handful of our guests with their app, and throughout the conference I would see them and instantly feel more connected with that person as if we were old buds - it was great!

It wasn’t in our plan, but this minor adjustment had a major impact on the initial experience our guests had at Registration, and it helped set the tone for the rest of the conference. Our goal was to ensure that everything we did had a purpose, and most importantly, we wanted to make sure everyone had a joyful experience. I am so glad we made this adjustment.

Can you think of any minor adjustment you have made to your quarterly plan that made a major impact? I hope this story encourages you to have conversations with your team to make adjustments when needed and to do it with purpose.

 2017 Rhythm Systems Breakthrough Conference


Melissa Enriquez


Photo Credit: iStock by Getty Images