Key Lessons from Middle Market Leaders Like You [Video]

By Jessica Wishart

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dateThu, Jan 31, 2019 @ 11:06 AM

Middle Market companies face some unique challenges:

  • Finding, growing and keeping the right employees
  • Keeping up with technology and the digital transformation of most industries
  • Developing and executing the right strategies to grow revenue over time
  • Building and nurturing the right company culture
  • Developing your next level of leaders
  • Expanding into new markets or products
  • Delivering the right value to customers
  • Growing sales, etc.

While these may be issues that impact all companies to some degree, middle market companies have unique challenges when it comes to resources and brand recognition as well as unique strengths when it comes to being more agile and potentially taking more risks that lead to innovation.

At Rhythm Systems, we love helping our clients navigate the challenges and capitalize on the unique opportunities they face. We are often in awe of just how amazing our clients are, and we are always looking for ways to share their stories so that other middle market leaders can learn how some of the best in their various industries are doing things. That’s why we wrote our book of case studies, Predictable Results, and that’s why we launched our Breakthrough Talks series at our last Breakthrough Conference. We hosted a TED Talk-style format where three of our amazing clients shared their stories with our audience.

Here’s a short recap of our first ever Breakthrough Talks series:



Want to share your story with other Middle Market Leaders? We are now taking submissions for the 2019 Breakthrough Talks! Reach out to for details.

Jessica Wishart


Photo Credit: iStock by Getty Images