Our New Rhythm Features Help You Build High Performance Teams (Part 3)

By Ryan Walcott

dateSun, Nov 29, 2015 @ 12:00 PM

"I'm great! Too bad the rest of my team sucks!"High-Performance_Teams-Rhythm.jpg

In my prior posts, I painted a picture of moving from a life where you feel like "My Job Sucks!" to a life where you understand that you own your own career growth and development and you are practicing the right disciplines and using the right tools to achieve personal independence and success in your job. You feel like you are great, but most of the people around you pretty much suck. I ended the last post with the idea that achieving personal greatness isn't enough - that personal greatness is not the end of your journey. There is something more. But what more could there be? Isn't life and work all about becoming the superstar performer that everyone loves?

Sadly for some, this is as far as they go in their journey. There are some who never understand what it is like to get outside of themselves and achieve something greater with a team of people who share the same values and purpose. That is a sad reality, but it doesn't have to be you.

The something more is winning together as a team. When you open yourself up to trust and humbly serve others who share a common purpose and values, you can achieve greatness together that you could never achieve on your own. When you understand that you actually need others to achieve better performance together, that's when true greatness can be attained.

You understand that sharing information freely with others is more profitable for the good of the team than holding it for yourself to look better than they do. When someone is stuck and needs help, you are willing and eager to collaborate with them on a solution to better the team as a whole rather than holding back to make yourself look better. Our Rhythm platform is amazing at enabling this kind of team collaboration. Rhythm enables you to see when someone is stuck with a Red status and add comments on that item to help them with a solution right away.

This state requires a high level of maturity. Like I said earlier, most people never get here. Don't let that be you. You can live and work and be this way to achieve greatness as a team that you could never achieve on your own. You can change your thinking from "I'm great!" to "How can we create something great together?" But, this also is not the end of the journey. There is more.

I'll write about that in my next blog...

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Ryan Walcott


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