The 3 Most Important Words in Marketing...

By Ryan Walcott

What are the 3 most important words in real estate?  Location, Location, Location!

A realtor will tell you this because the value of your home or business is affected dramatically by where it is located.  Location makes all the difference in real estate sales.

I had the privilege of attending special training a few weeks ago from our marketing partner HubSpot.  The training was to help us understand the journey HubSpot has been on as their business has grown from a start-up to over 700 employees and over $80M in revenues in 8 years.  They shared with us many helpful learnings from their journey regarding what has worked for them, what has not worked for them, and adjustments they made along the way to continue their impressive growth.  It was so generous of them to share with us, and I am thankful to Brian Halligan and the whole HubSpot team for opening their hearts to us that day to help us.


We learned from their top executives throughout the day on various topics.  What impressed me the most was their laser focus and alignment as a leadership team on what they indicated was a key aspect of their growth over the years.  Content.

Hubspot is all about teaching and implementing a philosophy of marketing known as "inbound marketing."  Inbound marketing is a philosophy and system whereby you create content (in the form of blogs, videos, etc.…) that is helpful to people that could potentially do business with you.  By publishing this content online, people can find you more effectively when they search the Internet for solutions to problems they are looking for help with.

  • We learned that leads that come into your world from searching and finding content you published have a much higher close rate than those that come to you from traditional outbound marketing approaches such as ad placement.
  • We learned that the content you create and publish becomes an asset that grows in value and effectiveness over time.
  • We learned that the blogs you write will live online for many years and will continue to drive prospects to you over time.

So, this philosophy is a true "Win-Win" as Stephen Covey taught.  The clients win because they are helped by the excellent content.  You win because prospects can find you and can purchase your solutions to their problems.

Speaker-by-speaker throughout the day drilled the importance of content creation to an effective marketing strategy.

So, if you were to ask me what are the 3 most important words in marketing, I would tell you they are Content, Content, Content!

We believe this at Rhythm Systems and actually have a KPI for each of us to blog weekly.  Unfortunately mine has been statused Red or Yellow for a while, so the trip to HubSpot inspired me to get going and get back to Green.  :-)

So dust off your keyboards and get to work writing blogs that your prospects and clients will find helpful in solving their problems.  Write for those people specifically and watch how your qualified leads increase over time.  You can get practical help for this at

Have any stories about how blogging, videos, or other content creation has helped you and your clients grow?  Have a favorite Rhythm Systems blog post that helped you grow?  Please share them in the comments section below.

Helping you grow,


Executive Summary from Patrick Thean's book Rhythm

Ryan Walcott


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