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Weekly Adjustment Meeting: No Status vs. Red Status

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Published November 02, 2014

Photo Credit: iStock by Getty Images

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Nicole Hradek
the Client Services Guru at Rhythm Systems

It’s that time each week when you meet with yourself in Rhythm to prep for your weekly meeting, and you reach a priority that just slipped through your schedule this week.  Whatever the reason may be, prioritizing just wasn’t in the cards for this one and a Yellow or Green status isn’t being honest.

The fear begins to overcome you as you imagine how your weekly meeting could be an embarrassment.  How will your team judge you for having a RED status?  What does RED say about your ability to do your job?  So you decide to just ignore it. Yes, that is better than marking it red.  Red is bad.  Blank is… not good, but not as bad

Rhythm helps create a collaborative work environment.  If you status a priority Red, it’s a way of asking for help; it’s not saying you don’t know what you’re doing.  I used to be a high school math teacher.  I didn’t know a student needed help unless he or she raised a hand.  


If I wanted the best results from my students, I had to make sure everybody was on track with the lesson.  If no one raised his or her hand, then I thought I was doing a pretty good job teaching the topic.  That is until I gave them an assessment, and they did not perform to my expectations.  Why didn’t anyone say anything?  I could have helped.

So, when it’s time to meet with yourself and you come across that priority that you just could not find the time or energy to make green this week, not even Yellow, go ahead and raise your hand, status it Red.  Leave a comment on your priority to explain why it’s Red and then state your plan of action. If you don’t know what to do, then make sure to say, “I need help.”  Then be prepared to accept advice from the great team that surrounds you during your weekly adjustment meeting.  The number of positive discussions that can occur are endless.


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