Weekly Meetings: What Your Team Wants You to Know (SlideShare)

By Toni Swint

dateMon, May 20, 2019 @ 09:00 AM

How many of you are involved in a weekly staff meeting? My guess is that all of you participate inBad_Meeting_Nicole.png at least one. If you are an executive team member or departmental leader or part of cross-functional teams, you could be participating in a meeting like this every day. How many of you ever feel like my friend Nicole in this photo? If you are honest, most of you have probably - at some point - been bored out of your mind in a weekly meeting. According to a Harris poll, 17% of employees would rather watch paint dry than sit in a meeting. Yikes!

Here's the truth - this SlideShare has what your employees want you to know about your weekly staff meetings. Enjoy!

Hopefully, you're inspired to makes some changes to those boring weekly status meetings. If you need more inspiration - or just a laugh - check out the video we made comparing boring status meetings to productive weekly adjustment meetings. 

Rhythm Systems Weekly Meeting With Myself Tool


Toni Swint


Photo Credit: iStock by Getty Images