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Your 13-Week Race: One Week at a Time

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Published August 17, 2014

Photo Credit: iStock by Getty Images

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Tiffany Chepul
a Rhythm Consultant

Your 13-Week Race will be over before you know it! Follow these weekly steps to set your team up for their best chance at success:


Week 1: Finalize the details of your quarterly plan. Do all priorities have Red-Yellow-Green success criteria? Do all Individual Priorities have Action Items? Once completed, communicate the Plan to the entire organization (Main Thing, Critical Numbers, Targets & Company Priorities)

Week 2: Take a look at Group Plans in Rhythm. Check for alignment of teams. Are all departments focused on the right things?

Week 3: Establish any necessary Think Rhythms for the quarter. Does a team need to be working on Brand Promise, KPIs or another strategic topic this quarter?

Week 4: Start sharing facilitation duties on your Weekly Meetings. It shouldn’t fall on one person each week.

Week 5: Start reviewing any gray priorities during your Weekly Meetings. If a priority isn’t started by now, it is in danger for the quarter.

Week 6: This week is crucial for adjustments. Any priorities that are yellow or red need to have specific action plans in place to get them back on track to green.

Week 7: Go deep on your KPIs. Are any stuck for more than 3 consecutive weeks this quarter? If so, is there enough energy focused on that specific KPI?

Week 8: Check in on Group Plans. Are any teams struggling and need help?

Week 9: Schedule your next Quarterly Planning Session. It should happen in Week 11 or 12.

Week 10: Prepare your team for the next Quarterly Planning Session by sending out the Start-Stop-Keep exercise. Facilitators should prepare their materials and review the Facilitator’s Guide below.

Week 11: Focus on developing a winning plan for the Company in your Quarterly Planning Session.

Week 12: Drive the Group Planning process. Make sure Group Leaders have their sessions scheduled for Week 13 or Week 1 of the following quarter.

Week 13: Focus on finishing the quarter strong! Does anything need a last minute push?


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