Cascading your Plan to your departments
will help you better grow with purpose.

Cascade your business plan Diagram

Cascade Your Plan To Your Departments

Remove the company Communication Gap

Just because a company is growing fast and its people are passionate does not mean that those people will magically understand what they are supposed to do to keep the company on course.

Cascading your execution plan to every department will ensure your company is better focused and aligned to achieve your Main Thing and Priorities for the quarter.  Not doing so results in your departments planning and executing in silos.

We recommend you conduct a planning session with each of your departments in which you will:

  • Communicate the company Main Thing and Priorities for the quarter.
  • Discuss, debate and agree on the right priorities to focus on as a department.
  • Figure out the right metrics and dashboards so you can review your plan every week and make critical adjustments sooner than later. 

The right Quarter Focus and Plan are vital to ensure you have a successful quarter of growth in the business. Right execution planning is about preparation to align your teams. Great preparation gives the people in your company a much better chance to win when they take the field against competitors. If you don’t prepare for a great quarter, how can you expect to have a great year? Right quarterly planning will add alignment to achieve your strategic focus. The right quarterly plan is a vital step to close the communication gap between company leadership and the staff.

Step 1: Session Preparation & Pre-work

  1. Facilitator: Schedule a 1-day planning session with your department to complete your Quarter Planning.
    • Book your facility and ensure you have flip charts, markers, projector, paper and pens.
  2. Team Members: One Week prior to the session, ask all participants to prepare by completing the Start, Stop, Keep exercise using the links below.
  3. Facilitator: Create and customize a slide deck and/or session outline as needed to help you facilitate your planning session.

Step 2: Conduct your Team Planning Session

  1. Facilitate your session using the customized slide deck you created in your pre-session work.

Step 3: Confirm your Plan by Sharing with Other Departments

  • Be intentional to schedule time to share your department plans across other departments so that all groups understand how the whole of the company is working to achieve the plan for the quarter.


Take Cascading to the next level!