Navigating Rhythm

Basics of the Rhythm software for new users

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Why Use Rhythm

Rhythm helps leaders have visibility into how the strategy for the company is being executed, and it helps everyone else stay focused on the most important work to move the company forward. Our framework includes a cadence of meetings and planning to support growth and be the leader in your industry or maintain a competitive advantage. 

How to Navigate Rhythm

  1. Log in with your username and password
  2. The main navigation is on the left menu. You can choose to work on Strategy or Execution. The menu item you are working on is highlighted to show where you are in the tool.
  3. The context for each screen is across the top, and this will change depending on which screen you are viewing, showing only what applies for that screen.

    You can use the arrows to look at prior or future years or quarters. If you switch from the current quarter, the context will turn red and you can click the reset button to reset it.

    You can also toggle between User and Team to filter the items on the screen for an individual user or to show all the items for a whole team. Again, if you switch from your default user or team, the context will turn red and you can click the reset button to reset it.

    You can choose to show or hide items that are private.

    You can email or copy the URL to share the link to the specific screen you are looking at with other Rhythm users.

    You can search for goals, tasks, meetings, comments, or attachments. (In small screens, the Search feature is under your profile picture.)

    You can download data from Rhythm into reports. (In small screens, the Reports feature is under your profile picture.)

    You can search our Help Center articles or get in touch with our Support Team. To make the help center full screen, click "Open in New Tab" at the top of the article, or open a new browser window and visit

    You can see which week of the quarter it is at a quick glance.
  4. If you click on your initials or picture in the top right corner, you can also adjust your Settings or configure integrations. If you have access to the Company Admin tools, you can access those from this menu as well. You also have the option to Log Out. You can also change your App Preferences by choosing a different theme (Dark/Light) or enabling Color Blind Support:
  5. Depending on which screen you are on, you may also see tabs across the top with different views related to your place in the left menu.
  6. In most screens, the + button to add new items is on the top right.
  7. If you see this icon on screens, click there for step-by-step guidance for using specific features.
  8. The Goal, Task, and Meeting list screens show this "Download to CSV" icon near the Sort/Filter button at the top. Clicking here will export the items displayed on your screen to a CSV or comma-separated value file which can be opened and formatted like a spreadsheet. You can filter, collapse/expand, change the view, and the report will pull whatever data you’ve chosen to display on the screen.

Tip: If you are new to Rhythm, use the Home screen to add a few goals and get started updating your status each week.