3 Situations When You Wish You Had Done Job Scorecards

By Tiffany Chepul


dateTue, Mar 16, 2021 @ 09:00 AM

The purpose of having Job Scorecards in place at your company is to help avoid costly pitfalls. Inevitably, 3 Times You Wish You'd Done Job Scorecardswhen I speak with CEOs who are feeling the pain of a wrong hire or a missed number, they realize a simple Job Scorecard might have helped them avoid their situation altogether.

Here are three common scenarios where CEOs think, if only...

Unmet Goals

You're leading your Weekly Adjustment Meeting and your Customer NPS (Net Promoter Score) has plummeted - and it's been on a steady decline for weeks. You know that so much goes into customer happiness - quality, delivery, the sales process, invoicing, etc. But, who is ultimately responsible? And is everyone who contributes clear on the Red-Yellow-Green success criteria? Now, trying to hold someone accountable to a number who wasn't clear from the beginning is proving to be a challenge. If only a Job Scorecard would have clearly stated who ultimately owns that number and what's expected...


In Annual Planning, the team identified an expanded marketing strategy as a Winning Move for the company. It has the potential to take you into new markets and 2x your revenue. Everyone is excited and can't wait to find just the right person to take over the new role of Chief Marketing Officer. You spend months in the search, do many interviews and finally make a hire - someone you think is just right for the role. After a quarter, you realize the person is lacking some competencies and skills he need to be successful. Also, the KPIs you've assigned to him are higher than any other numbers he's delivered in his career up to this point. It's obvious he is in over his head, and you've made a bad hire. Now, you've lost 3 quarters of execution time on your Winning Move, will miss your Annual Plan, and spent thousands of dollars. If only a Job Scorecard had been created for that role prior to the interview process...

Role Clarity

You're preparing for your board meeting and are blindsided by skyrocketing expenses on your P&L. You dig into the numbers and talk to your CFO; after all, he's responsible, right? Not so fast - he thought the department heads were responsible for controlling their own expenses. The department heads thought the CFO would let them know if they were approaching Yellow or Red. Turns out, everyone thought everyone else owned it, so no one owned it. If only there had been a Job Scorecard in place to clearly spell out that ownership...

As you can see, time spent working on Job Scorecards is an investment in the long-term success of your company. Take the first step and get started today!

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