Strategic Growth Initiatives: Create Your 3 Year Strategic Growth Plan Wisely

By Patrick Thean

Choose Winning Moves for revenue growth

In a recent Annual Planning session, one of our clients asked us to help them review and renew their Choose Winning Moves for revenue growthWinning Moves, the 3-year strategic growth initiatives to help you double your revenue.  They wanted to make sure that their growth strategies were still powerful enough to drive growth over the next 3 years. We highly recommend reviewing your Winning Move strategies every year.

During good times, it is easy to neglect working on your Winning Moves. Then when growth begins to slow, we realize that we are already late to the game at developing new revenue growth moves. If you want consistent year-over-year growth, you must review and renew your 3-year strategic growth plan in a regular rhythm to continue to test assumptions and make adjustments to your plan.

It is best to only have a few Winning Moves. Otherwise, the team might be spread too thin as resources get allocated across too many initiatives, causing teams to inadvertently compete for some of the same resources. Competition for internal resources often causes negative stress and reduces team productivity, even to the extent of building silos.

I’d like to share our Winning Move Strategic Planning Process so that you can have an objective way to discuss, debate, and agree on the best 2 or 3 ideas for growth.   To sustain long-term growth rates, you need to be continually working on these business plans.  Growth rates will continue to rise organically and your team culture will transform into one that is continually looking for the next the next source of revenue growth.  

Revenue Growth Strategy Process:

Do you have 2-3 Winning Moves to drive future growth? If you don’t, set a date now for your team to get into a Think Rhythm and work on the future of your business. Call us if we can help.

Watch this 5 Minute Rhythm by Patrick Thean to Learn how to Think Strategically

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