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5 of the Top-Rated Features of the World’s Best Strategy Execution Software

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Published October 24, 2022

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Courtney Dyer
a Rhythm Success Manager with experience helping clients grow their businesses and achieve their goals

With 16+ years of expertise connecting long-term strategy to daily execution, Rhythm has proven to be the world’s leading platform for goal management, cross-functional team collaboration, and bringing visibility and accountability to your team’s most important work. Here are just a few features that set Rhythm apart when it comes to propelling teams (and meetings) forward: 


Simple Updates 

Easily update your goals & KPIs, manage tasks, collaborate with teammates, and prepare for weekly meetings from one simple home screen.

Goal Dashboards

Our fully customizable Goal Dashboards provide a comprehensive, simple, and clear “control tower” view of the specific information leaders want to keep in front of them for quick reference. In one view, leaders have an immediate understanding of performance on particular projects and team performance.

Customizable Goal Dashboards


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People EnergyMap

The People EnergyMap provides a comprehensive glance into how each team member performs in real-time. Here, leaders can easily see the goals, KPIs, and overall workload distribution for each team member. The People EnergyMap provides visibility for individual and cross-functional team performance across the whole organization.

Annual Planning Canvas

Creating an execution plan to reach your goals and hit your numbers requires the right people collaborating toward the right ideas with the right tool to capture the plan. Yet, you need a collective space to discuss, debate and decide before you can capture the plan.  

Rhythm’s Annual Planning Canvas provides a way to quickly brainstorm Annual Priorities and the Quarter Goals you’ll need to tackle to achieve them. Teams can discuss, debate, decide, and then easily convert ideas into Annual and Quarter goals from one simple screen. No more need to take photos of flip charts or whiteboards to later type into a spreadsheet. 

Planning Canvas

Better Meetings

Rhythm’s meetings feature helps teams set desired outcomes, customize effective agendas, brainstorm ideas, and implement those ideas.

After working closely with hundreds of businesses across various industries, Rhythm has crafted a collection of Best Practice Agenda Templates to guide your discussions toward winning outcomes. Below is an example of a plan for a quarterly planning session that can be customized to fit what works best for your team.

Quarterly Plan Tests

Idea Boards allow you to brainstorm solutions in your meetings, where you can turn an idea into a goal in a single click. 

Performance Management is key to success. Lack of clarity in roles and goals creates stress, poor accountability, and weakens motivation. Each employee should know what they are being held responsible for and what success looks like. Job Scorecards help you clarify roles and link directly to performance on the goals most important for each specific role. 

Performance Management and Goal Alignment

For effective 1:1 meetings, managers need a tool to organize and capture the outcomes of those discussions.

1-1 Meetings

Rhythm enables managers to create 1:1 meetings using a best practice agenda and creates reports geared toward winning outcomes. Providing a framework for these important discussions relieves stress and anxiety for both the manager and their direct reports. 


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