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Weekly Staff Meetings

Keys to Running an Effective Weekly Staff Meeting

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Weekly Meeting Preparation

Proper preparation makes for an effective weekly meeting

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Section Title

Weekly Meeting Agenda

  Weekly Meeting Step 1: Talk about the company's plan
  • Review the company's priorities: celebrate victories and discuss solutions to any priorities that are not on target.
  • Review company KPI's and discuss any action plans for those not on track.
  • Who What When - Decide who is responsible for what and by when.
 Weekly Meeting Step 2:  Each team member shares their plan for the week.
  • Victories from last week
  • Review their Who What When from last week - what got done?
  • Top 3 priorities for the week that you commit to
  • Stucks - anything you need help on or approval for?
  • Summarize what a successful week is for you.

 Weekly Meeting Step 3:  Review Who What When list and make sure that the team is accountable for what they committed to.

 Weekly Meeting Step 4:  Discuss customer and employee feedback and treat as necessary.

Bones Weekly Meeting Tip: Start and end on time to respect everybody's time.