9 Steps to a New Revenue Growth Strategy [Infographic]

By Jessica Wishart

    Tue, Jun 19, 2018 @ 11:00 AM Strategies for Growth

    Many entrepreneurs romanticize about striking it big with a brilliant business idea. We've all seen that Revenue Growth Strategymoment in movies where inspiration strikes in the middle of the night, and some innovative new product or idea launches a company to greatness.  In reality, you can't wait around for lightning to strike to keep your company growing. As Patrick Thean shares in his book Rhythm, growth strategies "do not come from eureka moments. They are developed over time..."

    Even if you're not trying to be the next Apple, companies in today's competitive landscape have to be disciplined about anticipating what's next and how to generate revenue in the future. If you aren't thinking about your next growth idea and actively working on it in your Annual Planning sessions, you're already behind. If you want a continuous supply of revenue-generating strategies, you need to spend time thinking strategically, and you need a process for creating and implementing your growth strategies.

    Here's our proven process for creating and executing on revenue growth strategies, a.k.a. Winning Moves:

    Revenue Growth Strategy Infographic

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    Watch this 5 Minute Rhythm by Patrick Thean to Learn how to Think Strategically

    Photo Credit: iStock by Getty Images