Brian Souza's "The Weekly Coaching Conversation"

By Kristi Burns

Brian Souza's "The Weekly Coaching Conversation"

During the recent Fortune Leadership Summit, Brian Souza addressed the principles behind his new book, The Weekly Coaching Conversation.

The key learnings from Brian's work are twofold:gazelles.coaching

1.  Managers should be Coaches.

  • The case Brian makes for redefining the role of a Manager to that of Coach is rooted in profound positive correlations between productivity and weekly individual performance executive coaching, commenting that a manager's "job is to coach and develop people."  

2.  Individual Accountability through individual weekly coaching discussions.

  • This idea revolves around a weekly meeting cadence to prioritize and promote focus and accountability within a constructive, developmental environment.

The discussion framework for holding "The Weekly Coaching Conversation" is an easy to remember acronym, FAR:  

  • F = Focus:  Shifting thoughts from results to process of achieving results
  • A = Accountability:  Doing the things that need to be done 
  • R = Reinforcement:  Positive reinforcement and constructive feedback of desired behaviors 

Bottom Line:  The true measure and function of a manager is to move personal and organizational productivity forward, and personal performance coaching with a weekly cadence is the most effective way a manager can move this forward.  


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