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Brian Souza's "The Weekly Coaching Conversation"

By Kristi Burns

    Wed, Jun 27, 2012 @ 08:37 AM Accountable Leaders & Teams
    During the recent Fortune Leadership Summit, Brian Souza addressed the principles behind his new book, The Weekly Coaching Conversation.

    The key learnings from Brian's work are twofold:gazelles.coaching

    1.  Managers should be Coaches.

    • The case Brian makes for redefining the role of a Manager to that of Coach is rooted in profound positive correlations between productivity and weekly individual performance coaching, commenting that a manager's "job is to coach and develop people."  

    2.  Individual Accountability through individual weekly coaching discussions.

    • This idea revolves around a weekly meeting cadence to prioritize and promote focus and accountability within a constructive, developmental environment.

    The discussion framework for holding "The Weekly Coaching Conversation" is an easy to remember acronym, FAR:  

    • F = Focus:  Shifting thoughts from results to process of achieving results
    • A = Accountability:  Doing the things that need to be done 
    • R = Reinforcement:  Positive reinforcement and constructive feedback of desired behaviors 

    Bottom Line:  The true measure and function of a manager is to move personal and organizational productivity forward, and personal performance coaching with a weekly cadence is the most effective way a manager can move this forward.  

    For more detailed information on "The Weekly Coaching Conversation," hear Brian's interview with Verne Harnish after the Summit.


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