Warning: Don't Be Blindsided

By Barry Pruitt

dateFri, Apr 19, 2013 @ 01:41 PM

Warning: Blind Spot Ahead!  Everyone has aspirations, goals, and wishes -- and they typically come complete with barriers and challenges to achieving them. As business owners and leaders we are confronted with complex problems to solve daily, but the true barrier to our success is blind spots. What we do consciously or subconsciously will influence how other people feel – and therefore, respond to us.

These may be tragic flaws or simply nagging personality traits that diminish our possibility for success. While you may not notice your own blind spots, everybody around you likely does. Here are a few of the most common blind spots our coaching team sees in CEOs and executive teams:Warning Blind Spot

Misused Strengths  You may be a strong strategist. Maybe you are a great listener. Perhaps you're a tireless worker. Regardless of what your core strength may be, don't rely solely on that strength. It requires multiple strengths for teams to win.

Holding Tight to Old Habits  Our behavior and communication patterns become fixed. Consider some of the ways you typically act and think, and how you may be able to "recast" yourself in order to be more effective. The CEO that took over at $18M in revenue may not be qualified to run a $55M business. Be prepared to challenge your old habits. 

Inability to Handle Stress  Think fast--What is your first reaction when something stressful happens? What is your first reaction when a major customer calls and cancels your contract? What is the first thing heard when you hang up from a negative call from your banker? Are you able to turn on a dime and handle it with aplomb? Even your non-verbal cues can express volumes, and set the tone for the department, team or organization.

Failing to Communicate  There are many ways that communication breaks down in organizations. The larger your company gets, and the faster you grow, the more likely you are to have a breakdown in communication – especially communication of strategy and company priorities.

For personal growth, why wait until your blind spots get in the way? Just like emotional intelligence, blind spots can be worked on and improved. Once you recognize them, determine a plan of action and watch blind spots change from foggy to clear.

Regarding your company and your team, determine to redeploy underutilized strengths, eliminate bad habits, develop resiliency to stress by having a plan, and determine to communicate the right things regularly. Our clients gain this focus with Rhythm and our discipline of meetings. Teams become aligned, focused and accountable while meetings become focused on solutions. It’s what we call Execute Without Drama and you can get your free copy of the book here.

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