Ways to Improve Meetings: 27 ExpertMeeting Tips

By Alan Gehringer

dateMon, Jul 24, 2023 @ 09:30 AM

How often do you attend meetingsHow to improve meeting effectiveness where nothing gets accomplished? If you're looking for ways to improve meeting effectiveness, then look no further. This article contains 27 proven strategies to upgrade your next meeting.

The average American spends over 8 hours per day at work, according to Gallup research. That means that our time is valuable and should be spent wisely. Unfortunately, too many meetings waste time and don't accomplish anything.

Meetings are essential for collaboration and communication between teams. They allow us to share ideas, discuss problems, and come up with solutions. However, they also take up a significant amount of time. In order to save time and increase productivity, follow these simple guidelines.

Effective Meeting Tips:

I am not sure there is one good answer, but here is a list of practical tips that can improve the effectiveness of your meetings:

  • Question whether or not you really need to hold the meeting in the first place.  Go through a meeting audit at least once a quarter.
  • Allow sufficient time to schedule the meeting so the right individuals are available to attend.
  • Only invite the individuals that really need to be there.
  • If someone does not need to attend the entire meeting, give him or her the opportunity to exit at the appropriate time.
  • Face-to-face meetings are valuable, but technology can bridge the gap in many cases and be more efficient when using web-based meetings that utilize videos and recordings.
  • Ask attendees to come prepared by thinking about the agenda items beforehand, bringing data, or doing the necessary research to make the meeting productive.
  • Set the ground rules up front, like turning off cell phones and eliminating other distractions or interruptions.
  • Consider whether the meeting should be held off-site.  This should be a requirement for all strategic planning sessions
  • Publish a weekly meeting agenda and begin with the end in mind to determine what the meeting should accomplish.
  • Start on time and stop on time, if not before. Do not just fill the time slot. Get the work done and move on.
  • Do not speak unless you can add value to the conversation. But discuss, debate, and agree to move the meeting along and ensure people are heard.
  • Do not let one individual dominate the meeting.
  • Assign someone to take notes or minutes.
  • Assign action items to individuals that state “Who, What, and When” to move the work forward.
  • Stick to the agenda and stay on tangents.
  • Consider stand-up meetings to encourage shorter meetings.
  • Do not let the meeting turn into a gripe session or one based on negativity.
  • Be respectful of others in the meeting.
  • There are no bad ideas, but be thoughtful before speaking and be on point.
  • Pay attention and stay engaged.
  • Try techniques like “Six Thinking Hats” to get everyone thinking parallelly rather than debating every idea presented.
  • Use appropriate visual aids to promote clarity around discussions. A picture can be worth a thousand words.
  • It may be necessary for the meeting organizer to synthesize thoughts to gain clarity around a group of ideas.
  • Send a report out at the end of the meeting to capture key takeaways.
  • Do a “plus-minus exercise” before breaking to debrief on what improvements you can make at the next meeting.
  • Distribute the minutes to the meeting participants after the meeting.
  • Follow up on action items to ensure they are being completed.

I am sure I could keep adding to the list, but this is a good start. So ask yourself how effective your meetings were last year. Consider the list above and try some ideas to improve your meeting effectiveness this year. Meetings can be enjoyable and productive if run properly. Please let me know what you have done to make your meetings run well.

Thank you, and plan well. Alan

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