How to Integrate New People into a Weekly Adjustment Meeting

By Tiffany Chepul

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With so many Rhythm client companies growing like crazy, many of my clients have needed to integrate Integrate New People In Your Weekly Adjustment Meetingnew hires into existing Weekly Adjustment Meetings recently.

For most newbies, participating in a Rhythm Weekly Adjustment Meeting is a welcomed change. Most people are used to boring status meetings that end up being a waste of time. They are floored by how effective Rhythm teams are in having meaningful discussions and solving problems. It's refreshing to see things actually getting done at a weekly meeting!

So, how can you make sure the magic rubs off on the new hire?

Here are a few tips for a successful integration:

  • Make it a safe environment. The KPI is red, not the person. Most people come from cultures where they get whacked for a struggling project. Make it clear that Reds and Yellows are a gift, and they should be comfortable putting up an accurate status.
  • Keep discussion focused on solutions, not status. Everyone checks out when one person drones on about the status of their project. Talk about areas that need collective problem solving. This keeps everyone engaged.
  • Model good habits. Everyone should status and comment weekly. Structure meetings so they are a mix of old and new employees. If a new person sees that Rhythm habits aren't negotiable, they won't negotiate it. They'll just join the club!
  • Spend time celebrating the SuperGreens and looking for Bright Spots – good ideas that can scale. This helps everyone and gives people an opportunity to shine with a great idea.
  • Share Lessons Learned. Tenured employees can help new employees move faster by sharing their hard knocks. Not everything is all rainbows and unicorns. If someone has learned a tough lesson, let's all learn from it. You're in it together as a team.
  • Get people the help they need when they are struggling. If you don't have time in the meeting to address all of the Yellows and Reds, make it a point to ensure the newbie gets what they need.

Remember, you don't just have a new team member, you have a new team. Be thoughtful about setting your new hire up for success, and you'll reap the benefits tenfold!

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